Stress is the biggest hindurance to studying.

Hello everyone!

So, I know finals are coming up and all.  There is a lot of material to study or start studying.  It’s definitely time to buckle down and go at it. 

But make sure you make a bit of time to relax too.  Sleep is a very important part of learning.  It’s proven that people retain information after they sleep.  So make sure you try to get plenty of sleep for finals. 

Also, eating healthy is a plus.  Fruits, nuts, and grains are a very good snacking choice.  Try to stay away from fast food or the like.

Good luck in exams! 

Summertime In Lowell!

Hey Everybody!

We’ve finally made it to finals week, which means the semester is almost over! For many of you, this means going back home to get re-aquainted with your family and your home, hang out with friends, and try to get a summer job. However, if there is anyone who will be living near Lowell or even in Lowell, there are a TON of great things you can do! There are a lot of great things to do; anything from going to a Spinners game to enjoying the local restaurants of downtown Lowell. Here are a few things you can do for a good time!

Folk Festival- In downtown Lowell there is a giant folk festival that takes over downtown Lowell for three day. It takes place between July 23-25, and will be a great time! There will be a lot of performances, along with a lot of activities.

Lowell Spinners- If you’re looking for entertaining baseball and either can’t get transportation to Boston or afford a Red Sox ticket, this is a great option. They play 76 games with 38 home games, which means plenty of opportunities to catch a game.

Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus- A few weeks ago my sister visited me and we went there to get a cup of coffee and a sandwich and it was awesome! Brew’d has a great atmosphere with good food and good coffee. They also have Open Mic Nights on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month, and Poetry Open Mic Night the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

Hopefully these give you all a good idea of what to do in Lowell this summer!


Shayna’s No-Fail Study Technique

Hey guys! Shay here.

Just like the rest of you, I bet you’re cramming to get all that studying done for finals this Friday, and the remainder of next week. I feel you.
I’m currently taking an Art History course that requires me to memorize up to 60-100 pieces of artwork per test. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of memorization to do! I wanted to share the technique I use to help me memorize information, because it literally works so quickly, and is very effective! This works very well with flashcards, and can be used for any subject. 🙂

Now, we begin:
Start by dividing your flashcards into similar groups. For me, I would divide up my flashcards based on art style (Impressionist, Neoclassicism, Realism, ect).

Then, review one stack of similar cards. As you look at each card, recite the information you’re trying to memorize on the other side 6-10 times out loud (very important), while looking at the picture/formula/ect on the front. It’s very important to say the information out loud, because that way, you are visualizing the information, as well as creating a link in your head between the two.

After you have gone through the one little stack, review it entirely twice. Then, repeat with the second one. Once you finish the second one, review that one entire twice, and then mix it with the first. Review the stack entirely. Then, divide your stacks back out into similar groups after you have reviewed, and keep repeating with your subsequent stacks. That way, you are both reviewing the information in small groups, and then refreshing it in your mind as you go through the entire group of information that you need to memorize.
I was doing this last night, and I memorized over 40 flashcards in just under an hour and a half! I’ll be finishing up the second half of my studying tonight, and using Thursday and Friday in order to refresh my memory, because I already have half of what I need to know memorized. Literally, this technique works so well, and I would highly recommend it!



So…in case you’re living under a rock somewhere and you didn’t know…CLASSES END TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As much as I love school and love my major, I really just need a BREAK!!! School work can be really overbearing sometimes, so SWEET SUMMER IS UPON US!!! 

Are you doing anything awesome this summer? Going anywhere? Meeting up with cool people? Working making bank?

Well, I am.
I’ll be here at the lovely UMass Lowell with all the other lovely OLs welcoming a new batch of freshmen and transfers to our WONDERFUL UNIVERSITY. 

A lot of people always say “Wow, Ash. You’re wasting your summer at school? That sucks.” 

And to those that say/think that….YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG.

Orientation is the reason I breathe. My first summer at Orientation was 2009, and it was the best summer I’ve ever had. I’ve made friendships that will be in my life, always. And I know a lot of people think they make their best friends in high school, or freshmen year…but I seriously have never made better friends or met better people than the ones I met and will meet at Orientation.

All of you (should) have attended a session over either the summer or the winter for Orientation. Now don’t get me wrong, THIS IS THE FUNNEST JOB IN THE WORLD….but it’s a TON of work!!! We have work days that start Mon./Thurs. and go until late afternoon Tues./Fri. If you can’t think of it…it’s like working two days in a row…nonstop. We also put in a TON of time decorating the floors of Sheehy hall for you. It may look like premade stuff, but we CREATE everything that goes on the walls during the summer…and those halls are LONG! We also create the programs at the Rec Center. We have to decide what we think will be successful over the summer. Yea, I know. It’s a ton of stuff to do, all the while making sure each student has a first positive experience with the University.

I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to all past OLs, returning OLs, and new OLs who all worked/work/will work to make past/future summers here at UML amazing!!!! You’re all awesome!!!!!!!

So get ready for the summer and don’t forget about us!!! 


Is that what I think it is?!?!…Yup..that’s right…the finish line!

Hello you victorious students you,

Now, I know at times it probably seemed like this semester was NEVER going to end.  I know I felt that way a at times!  But….after today…YOU’RE DONE!!!  Take a second to bask in how great that really is….O.K enough.

So since this is the end of the semester there will not be very many “What’s goin’ on on campus” plugs, from me at least.  So I will just talk about myself…just kidding….really though get ready.

So this weekend, I did something that was really exciting to me and was a pretty cool experience…uplifting even.  I learned how to finally tie my shoes…wait what…embarrassing I know.  But really, on Sunday I went into Boston to meet Johnny Cupcakes! 

For those of you that know who I am talking about and dig what he does…be jeals.  For those of you who are like “MmMMmMMm Cupcakes…”, google it up!  I won’t go into his personal story but to say the least it was a pretty cool experience!

Now I hope y’all are using your free time wisely as classes wrap up today.  Make sure you hit the books hard for your finals.  Even if you are doing super awesome in a class, still put 110% into your final exam so that you can get the best grade possible!  If you lucky, your professor may not even make you take a final exam if you have a high enough grade so if that is the case for you…Congrats!!…but seriously go study now.

Alrighty, Today from 3PM to 7PM at the Campus Rec Center stress balls will be made and de-stressing will happen!!!  So head over when you get a chance and join in on the stress relief day.  Extremely helpful around these parts with all those finals and all

Alrighty, I’m Done,

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It has been a long and arduous semester, full of trials and tribulations constantly putting our academic ability to the test. Literally. Finally after hours of studying and hardships, we have finally made it to finals week,  which is always a stressful time for any college student. Some classes may only have final papers, or final presentations, in which case there probably won’t be a formal final. But for the rest of us, here are a few tips to gaining success during these remaining few weeks of the semester!

1. Stay Calm– Although the final for a class weighs heavily on your grade, it is not everything. You probably have a lot of other grades from the semester which will also affect your class grade. If you’re in a class that hasn’t had many exams or quizzes, don’t panic. Take a few deep breathes and realize that you have been studying this whole semester and that you are capable of recalling all that information once again. 

2. Time Management– Finals week is right around the corner, which means any remaining study time will pass by quickly. Don’t fret, there is still hope! Over the next few weeks, try and set up a study schedule to set aside time for specific subjects. This also means you should set aside time for yourself. Whether it’s a full day or just a few hours, this time can do wonders to recharge your energy and keep you focused. Time management solves problems.

3. Study Buddy– When you study with a group, you may come across material you missed, or you could see a problem solved from a different perspective. While studying by yourself is appealing, it may benefit you to compare notes with your friends. The Tutoring Center is also a great resource to prepare for finals. Their drop-in hours can be found at

Good Luck With Finals!


This blog post is about cats.
And a few dogs.
Anyhoo, ever been kinda lonely at school, wishing you could play with a dog or a cat? Well, of course you have, seeing as animals that don’t live solely underwater  aren’t allowed on campus.
You know, the Lowell Humane Society loves getting help, and you can volunteer down there! You get to socialize the animals to people, take them on walks, make fun posters, and help keep the shelter running!
You could possibly be playing with a kitten as adorable as this!
You know, cats just want love and attention. And food.  And you can be the one to give them love and attention and food. Sure, you won’t be paid for it, but the benefits you can get are hugeeee.
Not only does volunteer work look good on a resume, but you get to help put a cat or dog into a good home! Animals in shelters require a lot of attention to get acclimated to humans (mostly the feral cats. I had two, and they can be a doozy! But they are the most lovey house cats once surrounded by people!), and there are never too many volunteers to help out animals. Besides, if you aren’t there to keep an eye on the cats, they might get out on a Harley and cause a ruckus!
Or maybe dogs are more your thing. I hear you. The dogs at the shelter are very friendly! They love going outside to run around, and get very excited when they see people come in. I would know; I based a photo project last semester off the humane society, and they were barking and wagging their tails as soon as I walked in! I’m sure you want to see those dogs at the shelter as happy as the dog in this very cute picture to the right, correct?

Alright! So if this something you’d be interested in, go to this link:


Mary’s Move Out Tips!


I hope you all are getting excited for SUMMER!!!! =D

But, for those that live on campus you just have one extra teeny tiny step to take before the summer begins, moving out AHH!!!! Now you are recalling horrible move in flashbacks and wondering how moving out will be different?!

1) Start packing NOW (don’t overload yourself between packing and studying for finals)
2) Start moving home now! Bring big, bulky items that you won’t need for the next 2 wks (aka WINTER CLOTHES) 
3) Clean your room!!! (you check out with an RA from your building, if anything isn’t perfect, they can charge you with an improper check out)
4) Don’t wait until the last day to move out!!! Move out after your last final (LAST DAY TO MOVE OUT, Friday May 21)

I hope this helps! Good Luck with the last few days of classes and wishing you extra good luck on your finals! Take care and have a fabulous day!

-Maryyyy =) 

Greatest Thing Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have discovered one of the greatest things ever in a long time.  First, two questions..

1) Do you like m&m’s?!?!
2) Do you like coconut?!?!

I lied 3 questions…

3) Do you like Almond Joys?!?!?!?!

WELL LISTEN TO THIS…First look at the picture and see the greatness!!  COCONUT M&M’S!!!!! I discovered this at the gas station right by Wendy’s on South Campus at approximately 1:00 PM.

I am super excited about this and you should be too!

Now get serious…seriously.  How are you doing as far as getting ready for finals?  Check this out…

Today is Tuesday.  If you have class everyday, that means you have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday left, and Monday, Tuesday,and Wednesday of next week…and that is it.  Get geared up for finals they will be coming up super fast so get ready!

Now for the fun stuff…aside from the Coconut M&M’s

Tonight there is an open mic night at the Fox Common!  It starts at 9PM so come out and enjoy some fly music…with your coconut M&M’s!

Also, there is a Concert Band concert performing in Durgin Hall.  The performance starts at 7:30PM and should be a good time if you have nothing else to do…bring some Coconut M&M’s while your at it!

Fresh Friday’s is still alive and kickin’ and will be here again…you guessed it…Friday! Starts at 10PM at the Fox Hall Common so come and chillax…Coconut M&M’s anyone!?!?!

And my Movies That Rocks plug of course…This weekend is the last one so if you have not ventured to any of these…DO IT.  The showing will be of The Edge of Darkness and as usual will start Friday at 8PM in O’Leary Library room 222.  Sunday it will be at the Fox Hall Common and the ICC on Monday!…DON’T FORGET YOUR COCONUT M&M”S!!


Footloose is ready to premier this Thursday at 7:30PM in the Comley Lane Theater in Mahoney Hall.  There will be multiple showings…Thursday admission will only be $1 for UML students and Friday the show will start at 7:30 with tickets costing $5 for UML students and $10 for non students.  Saturday there will be two showings!  One at 2PM and another at 7:30.  And finally Sunday there will be a showing at 2PM so come out and watch this hip show!…Did I talk about the Coconut M&M’s yet?!?!?!

Alrighty I’m Done,

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