Alright, so this sounds a little dramatic, but it is a significant experience in everybody’s college career. The residence halls close at 6pm on Friday May 21. That means that you need to have everything out of your room by that date. Don’t worry, you can do it!
Ok, here we are, whether for the first time or the last, you’ve just completed finals. CONGRATULATIONS! Now it is time to leave the freedoms of residence hall life and return to the nest for a couple of months. For most of you, this has been dealt with before, but there are still a lot of you out there who are new to this whole “going home” thing. Here a few tips to help you make the most of you’re summer.
1. Spend time with your familyWhether or not you believe it, you’re family probably missed you while you were away at school. For some of you, it has been a couple of months since you have last seen you’re family and you’re house. While you are home, you will have ample opportunity to catch up with you’re family and regale them with tales of your college experiences. Spending time at home with your family is also a good time to “recharge” and stay focused.
2. Adjusting to life at home– You walk in the door, put down you’re bags, give a big hello to you’re family and walk upstairs to you’re bedroom where you are ready to just lay down for a second and… wait, what is this exercise machine doing there? What happened to my room!?!?… just kidding. Ok, so you’re parents probably didn’t convert your room into the fitness lair they’ve always dreamed of, and things probably haven’t changed too much. What may be difficult however is falling back into you’re parents way of life. As long as you stay cooperative and be flexible, you will have an enjoyable summer.
3. jobs or internships– Getting a job or intership will probably be one of the more productive options you can choose during your time off. It is something that can relieve the boredom during the dog days of summer, and can help bring in funds or bolster your career goals. If you need help finding an internship, career services is an excellent office on campus that can help you with finding a summer intership.

Well that’s all for now, bye everyone!

Hey guys! Shayna here.
If you’re like me, you’ve got your next couple weeks planned out for finals, homework, and all that jazz! You have to remember to make time for FUN. EXCITEMENT. AND FRIENDS.
Finals are no fun if you’re constantly worrying about homework, and cramming your brain full of information for the upcoming tests. Yes, you should be working hard, but remember to make time for yourself to relax and spend time with friends!

Play Taboo! I played this game the other night, and it was GREAT. I never knew how fun that game could be, and I had a good time; even when I tried describing the word I was given by saying the word.

Go explore Lowell! There’s tons to do like Lowell Mill tours, shopping at one of the many boutiques or shops (Found, for instance! It’s a knick nack store with stuff you would find in an attic. You can get some great deals there!), eating at one of the restaurants downtown (Life Alive is a great vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurant by Van Gogh’s gear, a nifty art shop! There’s also Monkey’s, where you can get some really tasty ice cream),  or just walk around doing absolutely nothing.
Play video games! Get your Mario Kart on, or if you’re into zombie games, play some Left 4 Dead!

Whatever you do, do something that’s fun and helps you relax!

Because you don’t want to end up like this guy come finals time:
He wishes he had spent time relaxing between study sessions.

Making your day just a little bit brighter.

HELLO everyone.  It’s Ben N. again! 

I’m here once more to help you slow down and stress less. 

So, the busy lives we lead are full of fast-paced craziness, am I right?  Sometimes, it’s hard to find the joys of life when all you’re doing is working.  Well, I say to you, just make things happen that’ll brighten your day. 

For example, when you’re doing things, just meow.  Meowing makes people happy.  It makes me happy.  It’s a silly little thing that makes the day a bit brighter. 

I also like to add sound effects to my life.  The sound effects don’t even have to go with what’s going on. 

It’s just little things that make life a little bit brighter.

I love you,


Hey there guys & dolls!
I hope you’re all having a marvelous Springfest week! Forecast for the rest of the week, SUNNY, SUNNY, SUNNY with loads of free events and fun!!!
There are a TON of things happening around campus right now!!! If you haven’t heard of them, I’m gonna rattle a few off for you so you can GET INVOLVED and SUPPORT UML STUDENTS!!!!
  UML’s Dancing With the Stars!!!! 
  7 pm Cumnock Hall, FREE FREE FREE FREE!!
 Come watch the Ballroom Dance Club perform with some of UML’s famous faculty,staff, and students!
Chamber Singer’s Concert
7:30 pm, Durgin Hall, FREE FREE FREE FREE!!
Come watch an elite group of choral singers from UML!
  UML’s Studio Jazz Orchestra Concert!!!
  7:30 pm, Durgin Concert Hall, FREE FREE FREE!!!! Music students get RECITAL CREDIT!
 Come support the studio jazz orchestra and get RECITAL credit!
 Drake Concert!!!
 8 pm, Tsongas Center
Come watch Jimmy Brooks ( DeGrassi Reference) aka Aubrey Drake Graham aka DRAKE perform!
11 am into late afternoon, South Campus Softball Field
COME DOWN TO SOUTH FOR A BOARDWALK OF FUN!!! Student staff/clubs/and organizations come together to create a HUGE UML tradition! Bring a few bucks with you to participate in activities/buy food/etc. 
     REMINDER: Security in all buildings start EARLY Thursday & Friday, NOT 7 pm. ALL BAGS WILL BE CHECKED. NO SIGN INS AFTER 12 AM, no exceptions. KEEP THIS IN MIND!!!
May 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th!!!!!!
May 6 – 7:30 show!!
May 7th – 7:30 show!!
May 8th – 2 pm matinee! 7:30 show!!
May 9th – 2 pm matinee, closing show!!

Register For Classes!!!!

Hey guys! Audrey here again. 

I just wanted to remind you all that now is the time to register for classes for Fall semester!!!

Although you are able to register up until September for classes, it is always a good idea to plan ahead. UML has so many great courses to offer and other students will be signing up for them as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to get locked out of a class you really have your heart set on!

One of the best ways to avoid this is to make your schedule before hand, and sign up on your registration date. 

Although most of you know the process by now, I thought I would offer a quick How-To for all you procrastinators. 

First, check your ISIS account to find your Enrollment Date for Fall 2010. 
Save the date!

Now comes the fun part- check with your advisor or go online to your department and find out what classes you should be taking in the fall. 

Head to the Registar’s portion of the UML website- you can click on the “r” in the alphabet on to get there fastest. Browse classes this way, write down AND SAVE their numbers and use them to plug in on your enrollment date. 

It’s always a good idea to have a couple back up classes, too- just in case. 

Good luck registering, and keep up the hard work- just a few more weeks left!


Big Things for an even BIGGER Weekend

Hello there boys and girls.
Image and video hosting by TinyPicRemember that time you told yourself there would be nothing to do on the weekends while you were away at college?
Ready to admit to yourself that that’s completely untrue?
If you replied yes, then you get a cookie.
If your answers still no, then apparently you haven’t seen the hundreds of thousands of facebook statuses, Twitter updates, and blog posts we’ve been putting out. Or the hundreds of millions of announcements and posters informing you of how BIG this weekend is going to be. 
And when i  say big…i mean HUGE!!! Image and video hosting by TinyPic
And to top it off, your weekend events starts on Wednesday.
Let me tell you a bit about what this weekends  schedule looks like.

Wednesday: The Annual Dancing with the UML Stars Competition. If you haven’t heard about this, then you’re SERIOUSLY missing out. Students and faculty are chosen to perform a dance routine with a member of the ballroom dance club. Much like the ABC version of dancing with the stars. It’s always a good time, and you can check out past videos here:

Thursday: Drake is FINALLY on his way. After months of being shown the date on a black screen and seeing people talking about it and buying tickets…the Grammy nominated hip hop artists will be making his appearance at the UML Tsongas Center. That’s a pretty BFD. And if you don’t know what that means, you should go to Urban Dictionary. 😉

Friday: Spring Caaaaaaarnival! The epicenter of the entire weekend! If it wasn’t for University Day, oh that sacred holiday, we probably wouldn’t be having all of these amazing things happening. It’s going to be an insane day full of awesome events. Battle of the bands, club booths, dunk tanks, things to make! And all you need is your student idea to get in. Don’t forget that it’s on SOUTH CAMPUS! You really can not miss it. They gave you a day off for it, what else are you going to do!?

Saturday: The Annual MENC Talent Show is FINALLY going to happen. 7:30, be there or be square. Don’t miss out on all of the great acts and all of the great fun. And it’s completely free. Don’t you love that word? I know I do. Free free free! And if you’re lucky, you might even see me perform. 😉 Make sure you’re there…or else you’re missing out on absolute AWESOMENESS!
 And then on Sunday…you can get back to studying. XD After all that fun, you need to remember to hit the books since finals weeks are coming up. Sorry to bring the not so fun news after all of this amazing stuff, but it’s true. Sunday is your day to rest, recover, and read!

Hope to see you enjoying all of the epic things going on this weekend!

Signing off now!

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So the end of the semester is literally right around the corner which means all you have left to do is finish up those last bit of classes, study for your finals, attend all of the fun things that happen at the end of the year, and get your beach bod on for the summer!  But don’t let these things get you into a time crunch with life!!

If you do not know when your final for a certain class or any of your classes is just go to the registrar’s homepage here…

And search for your class by course number and section to see when you can say “Farewell and good riddance”.

Now tomorrow night is the awesome Dancing with the UML Stars!  The event will be held in Cumnock Hall at 7PM.  Admission is free with your UML ID and $10 for non-students.  Come watch some of your favorite peeps from different departments around the University dance with people who really know what they are doing on the dance floor!

The Movies That Rock series is still going and this weekend the showing will be of Invictus.  All showings are at 8PM and start Friday in O’Leary room 222 on South Campus followed by Fox Common on Sunday and the ICC on Monday.  Go and watch some rugby!


Spring Carnival is happening Thursday and Friday.  We actually don’t even have school Friday which makes it even easier for all of you to come to South Campus and have fun doing different activities and winning prizes!  Thursday is obviously the Drake concert which is going to be at the Tsongas Center, but I know all of you have heard an overload of information about that so all I am going to say is….have a blast!  On Friday the South Campus Softball field will be filled with different departments and booths so come down, show your school spirit, and participate in all of the fun stuff as well as walk away with free goodies!

Alrighty, I’m Done,
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Weekly Sweepstakes: Shop or Dine in Downtown Lowell and WIN Prizes!!!

The city of Lowell is hosting the “Weekly Sweepstakes: Shop or Dine in Downtown and Win Prizes!!!” There has been a drawing every week and YOUR LAST CHANCE is April 30!!! 

Prizes include: iPod Touch( =O), Season Pass to the 2010 Lowell Summer Music Series (!!!!!), and an iPad ( WEEEEE!!!) 

To enter the City of Lowell’s iShop 2010 Sweepstakes print your name, address (including zip code), home and work telephone numbers and email on an entry form which is available at participating downtown businesses. Attach an original receipt from ANY downtown retail or restaurant business valued at over twenty-five dollars.  The list of participating businesses are: 
1. Athenian Corner, 207 Market St.
2. Barnes & Nobles, 170  Market St.
3. Blue Taleh, 19 Kearney Square 
4. Brew’d Awakening, 61  Market St.   
5. Café Paradiso, 45 Palmer St.   
6. Centro, 24 Market St. 
7. Cobblestones, 91 Dutton St. 
8. Dharma Buns,  26-A Market St. 
9. Downtown Dancewear, 120 Merrimack St.   
10. Four Sisters Owl Diner, 244 Appleton St. 
11. Found, 23 Middle St. 
12. Garcia Brogan’s, 135 Middlesex St.
13. Giovanni’s, 134 Merrimack St. 
14. Humanity, 128 Merrimack St. 
15. International Market, 35 Bridge St.   
16. Kenner’s Shoes, 189 Market St. 
17. L & I Army Store, 70  Bridge St.   
18. Mambo Grill, 129 Merrimack St.   
19. Market St Market, 95 Market St. 
20. Monkeys, 66 Merrimack St.   
21. Rogers Pool &  Toy, 150 Middle St.   
22. Tutto Bene, 58 Prescott St. Rear   
23. Van Gogh’s  Gear, 200 Middle St. 
24. Welles  Emporium, 175 Merrimack St. 
For more information and contest rules visit


Taking Advantage- in a good way!

Hey everybody! Audrey here.

So I don’t know if it’s because I am a graduating senior or if it’s because I’m SO excited for the summer and Orientation, but lately I have been counting down- literally!- my last days in Lowell. 

Lowell is such a beautiful city and now, more than ever, is the time to go explore!

My friends and I have made a list- we call it “I Love Lowell”.On it, we list everything we have yet to do and try in Lowell that we want to make sure happens before we graduate. 

As freshmen and transfers, you hopefully have more time to explore the great city, but making an actual list of things to do may help you utilize what little time you have left here on campus. 

Make sure to get some use of the services here at UML, like Career Services, tutoring centers to name a couple. 

Also, check out the local or school newspaper, our Orientation Facebook page, or ask other students about things to do in Lowell before you let out for the summer. 

Sadly, schedules tend to change in the summer so it’s very important to use the time you have now to take advantage of UML. This includes your studies, your school friends, and definately the city as a whole!

Spring Carnival!

Hello hello peeps!

So, next week is Spring Carnival!  You better be going to it.  There will be all sorts of crazy games and events put on by numerous clubs and organizations.  The sold-out Drake show is also next week! 

Needless to say, there will be bunches and bunches of happenings going on next week.  I know we all have finals to study for, but too much work and no play makes UML a sad panda.

Here’s Ben N.  Telling you to study hard before the carnival and play hard at the carnival! 🙂