Weekly Sweepstakes: Shop or Dine in Downtown Lowell and WIN Prizes!!!

The city of Lowell is hosting the “Weekly Sweepstakes: Shop or Dine in Downtown and Win Prizes!!!” There has been a drawing every week and YOUR LAST CHANCE is April 30!!! 

Prizes include: iPod Touch( =O), Season Pass to the 2010 Lowell Summer Music Series (!!!!!), and an iPad ( WEEEEE!!!) 

To enter the City of Lowell’s iShop 2010 Sweepstakes print your name, address (including zip code), home and work telephone numbers and email on an entry form which is available at participating downtown businesses. Attach an original receipt from ANY downtown retail or restaurant business valued at over twenty-five dollars.  The list of participating businesses are: 
1. Athenian Corner, 207 Market St.
2. Barnes & Nobles, 170  Market St.
3. Blue Taleh, 19 Kearney Square 
4. Brew’d Awakening, 61  Market St.   
5. Café Paradiso, 45 Palmer St.   
6. Centro, 24 Market St. 
7. Cobblestones, 91 Dutton St. 
8. Dharma Buns,  26-A Market St. 
9. Downtown Dancewear, 120 Merrimack St.   
10. Four Sisters Owl Diner, 244 Appleton St. 
11. Found, 23 Middle St. 
12. Garcia Brogan’s, 135 Middlesex St.
13. Giovanni’s, 134 Merrimack St. 
14. Humanity, 128 Merrimack St. 
15. International Market, 35 Bridge St.   
16. Kenner’s Shoes, 189 Market St. 
17. L & I Army Store, 70  Bridge St.   
18. Mambo Grill, 129 Merrimack St.   
19. Market St Market, 95 Market St. 
20. Monkeys, 66 Merrimack St.   
21. Rogers Pool &  Toy, 150 Middle St.   
22. Tutto Bene, 58 Prescott St. Rear   
23. Van Gogh’s  Gear, 200 Middle St. 
24. Welles  Emporium, 175 Merrimack St. 
For more information and contest rules visit