Taking Advantage- in a good way!

Hey everybody! Audrey here.

So I don’t know if it’s because I am a graduating senior or if it’s because I’m SO excited for the summer and Orientation, but lately I have been counting down- literally!- my last days in Lowell. 

Lowell is such a beautiful city and now, more than ever, is the time to go explore!

My friends and I have made a list- we call it “I Love Lowell”.On it, we list everything we have yet to do and try in Lowell that we want to make sure happens before we graduate. 

As freshmen and transfers, you hopefully have more time to explore the great city, but making an actual list of things to do may help you utilize what little time you have left here on campus. 

Make sure to get some use of the services here at UML, like Career Services, tutoring centers to name a couple. 

Also, check out the local or school newspaper, our Orientation Facebook page, or ask other students about things to do in Lowell before you let out for the summer. 

Sadly, schedules tend to change in the summer so it’s very important to use the time you have now to take advantage of UML. This includes your studies, your school friends, and definately the city as a whole!