How to write an email

I get it. Writing emails seems so…weird. However, to brand yourself as a professional, you do need to be able to send emails professionally. Below is a basic outline for emails. Buut before we get to that, if your email sounds childish or embarrassing (like, you should change your email name or don’t give out that email.In fact, using your school email is good enough!

OKAY! Let’s do the thing! Keep reading!

Subject: Something related to your message. Example: Meeting with you


Dear/Hello Mr./Mrs./Ms./Professor/Dr. Last Name,


A line of greeting. Example: I hope this email finds you enjoying your day.

Your respectful and grammatically correct message. Example: I would like to schedule a meeting with you concerning the last exam at your earliest convenience. Please let me know your availability.

Thank you!

Your Name

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Planning spring Break!

Planning Spring Break

With the semester in full swing, Spring Break is probably the last thing on your mind right now. Breaks are pretty much relaxing whether if you are looking to visit places or even just planning to visit home. Now is the time when you can start planning for the Spring breaks.
So here are our small tips for planning your Spring Break vacay:

1. Discuss with your Friends or Family
Whether you are looking to go away or planning on staying home, communicate with your friends and family to let them know where you are thinking of going or include them in the planning process.

If you are planning to go away, answer the following questions for yourself:

Where would you like to go?

Can you afford it or not?

Will you drive or fly?

Are there any discounts you can take advantage of such as group discounts.

If you are planning to stay home, try planning one day trips, or go shopping.

2. Start Saving and Book
If you are planning to go away from your house, try to search for best flight and hotel deals online. Listed below are the sites where you can find the cheapest flight and hotel deals

Start planning your budget on how much you will be spending on food, drinks, as well as living and travel expenses. This will help you to keep track of your money and will give you an idea whether you need to cut back and prioritize. Remember to try and find all-inclusive trips to help save money on food, drinks and travelling expenses.

If you are planning to stay home, you will be thinking you can go on shopping sprees since you are saving on travel expenses. Right? However, we all know a trip to Target and CVS can end up being just as expensive as a trip to Punta Cana.

Let us know in the comment section below how you are planning to spend your Spring Break!


Orientation Leader


  • Entertaining
  • Friendly
  • Leader
  • Lively
  • Influential
  • Helpful
  • Energetic
  • Dedicated
  • Responsible





It will be a fun Summer with a staff who will turn out to be more like family when the Summers over. You get to help students successfully transition into their first semester while building on your own leadership and professional skills. You get PAID, you get HOUSING, and you get a Summer MEAL PLANAs someone who was an orientation leader for two years, it’s an experience that I loved! I met so many amazing friends from the orientation staff as well as amazing new students. Being an orientation leader is a TIME COMMITMENT, so be sure to keep that in mind when applying!

Application deadline is February 23rd at Noon.

Winter Blues

After the first few weeks of classes I can imagine the winter break blues hitting hard right now. I bet you’re missing your own bed, the home made food, annoying your siblings and miss having your pet around at all times. It’s normal, we all miss having 3 weeks off and being able to relax, catch up on shows and most importantly be around family. But don’t worry, the enrollment ambassadors got you covered with ways to avoid the winter blues!

  1. Stay involved! If you are already in clubs, continue going to meetings! This is a great way to keep your focus and energy on something else!
  2. Stay active! Go to classes that the CRC offers! Take friends and go to zumba. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Great way to stay active and help with the winter blues!
  3. Weekend adventures! If you have time on the weekends, get a group of friends and go do something fun! Go shopping, go bowling, or even head to the city of Boston!
  4. Make time for yourself! There’s nothing wrong with some alone time, in fact, its quite healthy for you! Read a book, journal, take a walk around campus!
  5. Visit home! Unfortunately, not everyone can go back home on the weekends, but if you can, take advantage! Go home at least one weekend a month, just to be around your family!


Having Fun Nikole’s Way

On today’s blog, a different senior will be presenting you with different ways to have fun!

Image result for meme smile

Her name is Nikole Devereaux. She is an environmental science major with a concentration in legal studies. I asked her what she liked to do for fun and this is her response!

These are Nikole’s top 14 ways to have fun in Lowell on a budget:

“There’s so much to do in Lowell any time of the year. Take free wheelers bikes, drive (free parking on Sundays), or hop on the Yellow Line to downtown to discover all that Lowell has to offer. This city is very unique and has a lot of history, it could take a while to finally have the chance to check out what’s behind every corner. I know I fell in love with Lowell the first time I came here and I hope you do too.”

  1. Mill No. 5
    1. Shopping center that looks like an old street front inside of an old mill
    2. 250 Jackson St Lowell, MA
    3. Thrift stores, apothecary, local businesses, boutiques, record shops, coffee shop (Coffee and Cotton)
    4. Coffee and Cotton sometimes has live music at night
    5. Luna theater
    6. Sunday farmers market- fresh vegetables and local crafts
  2. Sweet Lydia’s- candy store
  3. Humanity- high end boutique
  4. Uncharted- restaurant/bar that usually has live music at night
  5. Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store
  6. Flower Mill– flower arrangements, succulents
  7. Restaurants
    1. El potro
    2. Tremonte Pizzeria
    3. Fuse Bistro
    4. Ramen Bar
    5. Live Alive
  8. Coffee shops
    1. Brew’d Awakening
  9. Brush Art Studios
  10. Winter Fest- February 24-25th– different activities all around downtown
  11. National Park Services
  12. Museums
    1. Quilt Museum
    2. Boott Cotton Mills Museum
    3. National Streetcar Museum
    4. Whistler House Museum of Art
    5. Mill Girls & Immigrants Exhibit
  13. Tours
    1. Mill and Trolley Tour
    2. Canal Tour
    3. Usually go through the spring, summer, and fall
    4. Self-guided tours
  14. Parks to ride bikes/ walk through
    1. Lucy Larcom Park
    2. Decatur Way Art Space next to Ucrossing
    3. Jack Kerouac Park

Sticking to that New Year’s Resolution

Typical. Once again, you’ve made your New Year’s Resolution to tone up by Spring break and you’ve only driven past the gym ONCE. You know there are two recreational centers at UMass Lowell, but the thought of trying to lift weights or figure out the elliptical seems daunting. Plus, what if you run into a classmate? And they judge you?

Image result for gif working out

Starting a  healthy lifestyle does NOT have to be scary!

In fact, a simple way to stick to your resolution while making friends is to join a club sport or intramural. Continue reading