Thanksgiving…or Just Another Day Off

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    For most Americans, November 23rd is full of family, food, and traditions. There is no school and most jobs are closed or have limited hours. This day is a time of reflection. But what if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving? Here are some Thanksgiving survival tips for those who don’t “do” Thanksgiving.

1) Make plans with others who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving beforehand.

By putting yourself out there, you’ll find others who share this commonality with you. Try going to see a movie or try cooking a meal together! You may end up making a new best friend while surviving the holiday.

2) Volunteer at a shelter or soup kitchen.

Moral of the story- do not mope around! You may not be celebrating the holiday yourself, but you can always help someone who is less fortunate have a memorable Thanksgiving.

3) Still use the time to appreciate family and friends.

Take this opportunity to reach out to people. Especially those you haven’t connected with in a while. If they celebrate Thanksgiving, understand that they might be preoccupied, but it is the season of gratitude! Your thoughtfulness will definitely transcend and when things quiet down, they’ll give you a call back.

4) Treat yo’self!

You have the day off; use it as a time of rejuvenation! Sleep in! Try a facial mask! Pamper yourself! Order your favorite meal!


Review: Humans of UMass Lowell

What started as a community psychology assignment has exploded with 290 likes on Facebook and 265 followers on Instagram.

Originally, Humans of Umass Lowell was under the care of 3 upperclassmen. However, as there enrollment waned to an end, the upperclassmen wanted to pass on their class project to those who were capable of maintaining it. However, years prior, Michaela Goss and Katrina Desrosiers had decided they wanted to do something similar to complete their Honors requirement. When the chance came, the girls jumped at the chance of getting interviewed and were chosen as the new owners of the Humans of UMass Lowell webpages.

This dual Honors Thesis/ English Capstone has taught the young ladies about the styles of photography and how to write intriguing and positive articles based on interviews.

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The meeting goes as follows- The ladies identify random people at UMass Lowell and ask them if they want to be interviewed for about 5 to 6 minutes. A random question generator chooses the questions each participant will receive. There is a list of infrequently asked questions that is chosen from. The interview starts with 5 random questions (e.g. What’s your favorite color?) and 1 thought provoking question (e.g. What does success look like to you?). This is based off of Humans of New York. Then whoever is interviewing will take a photo of the interviewee however that person feels the most comfortable.

In an interview with Michaela Goss, she told me that the goal of these interviews is to create a sense of community by showcasing the amazing people at UMass Lowell. Although social issues aren’t addressed, they do attempt to bring a sense of unity to the campus by allowing people to say whatever they want and capturing the essence of that person through the corresponding blog and the picture that goes along with the blog.

Here is a link to my own interview.

Sleep? What’s That??

Image result for sleep memeNot Sleeping:

  • Limit your ability to learn and recall information
  • Makes you more prone to acne
  • Is a risk factor for obesity
  • Inhibits brain function (similar to alcohol intoxication)
  • Puts you at a greater risk for heart disease or stroke 
  • May worsen mental health issues, such as depression

Tips for good sleep:

  • Keep a regular sleep/wake schedule
  • Don’t drink caffeine four to six hours before bed 
  • Don’t smoke, especially near bedtime or if you awake in the night
  • Avoid alcohol and heavy meals 
  • Exercise regularly
  • Minimize noise and extreme temperatures where you sleep
  • Develop a regular bedtime schedule

Class Registration

SIS Refresher:  Go to “MyUML” → SIS→ “For Students”


This is the mobile friendly interface:


This is the older version of SIS. Click the green “Mobile View” button to switch back to the previous screen if you’d like:


Plan out your classes for advising ahead of time! Most likely, your major’s primary classes will be in your planner. You will need to add breadth of knowledge classes and classes pertaining to minors as well as concentrations to your planner.



To double check your status and class completions, click on “Plan by Requirement” while in the planner view. It’ll bring you to something like this:


When you’re ready to enroll, use schedule builder! Here is a quick review on schedule builder:


Hint: Don’t forget to hit enroll each time it shows up on the screen or your classes will remain in the shopping cart.



Dude, this Stress is Killing Me!

Yes, Midterms are quickly approaching!!

   But do not fret! Stress isn’t necessarily a BAD thing.
   In fact, eustress (or positive stress) is what causes excitement. There’s also acute stress (or temporary stress), which is what many people use to finish that paper that’s due at 11:59pm, when it’s 11:45pm. The negative side of stress is when you feel like it’s 11:58pm all day, everyday. This is chronic stress. This causes the continuous release of the hormone, cortisol. Large amounts of cortisol is detrimental to our cells. It often leads to mental health issues, cardiovascular disease, obesity, sexual dysfunction, irregular menstrual cycles, and hair and skin issues, including PIMPLES!
  If you feel tense and stressed out even after the exam and long after you’ve passed in your paper, seek help. Go to counseling services. Your health is too important!
    As a senior, I’ve had my fair share of panic attacks, meltdowns, and freakouts. To help myself, and now all of you, I wrote down Continue reading