Tricks to succeed in a job interview

Interviewing is such a crucial part of the recruitment process, and also the most stressful parts of hunting for a new job. Depending on the job, interviews can take twenty minutes or span several days with multiple interviewers and an intensive screening process

In this blog, I will be sharing some common Tips and Tricks for Interview:

1. Research about the Organization:
Research about the company and the interviewers. It is essential to know the needs of the company.
2. Prepare list of questions you would like to ask:
Asking the question shows interest in the position and will also demonstrate the research you have done for the company.
3. Arrive Early:
Try to arrive 10 minutes early to the interview. It is necessary to be punctual.
4. Dress Professionally:
This is important as it presents a visual image that you are professional.
5. Maintain Eye Contact and show interest:
Maintaining Eye contact conveys Confidence and exhibit honesty.
6. Never Discuss about the money:
Its important that you don’t discuss about the salary until the job offer has been presented to you.
7. Follow up the interview with Thank you letter:
It is a courteous way to thank an interviewer for his or her time. It makes you look professional and thoughtful. It also gives your profile a strong impression.

Financial Aid!

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I know it’s been a while after the deadline has passed to file for Financial Aid. But this blog is about the quick overview of all things Financial Aid.   

Who to contact when you need help! 

If you are looking for any help related to financial aid, registration, student records and billing, you’re the one and the only go to place is the Solution Center. 

The Solution Center 

UMass Lowell 

University Crossing 220 Pawtucket St., Suite 131 

Lowell, MA 01854-5141 

Phone: 978-934-2000 

Fax: 978-934-2041 



NEW! UMass Lowell has launched the award-winning GetAnswers online video service! You can get answers instantly to all your financial aid related questions and much more 24/7 at  


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What you should know! 

Check out Your Guide to Financial Aid for information on financial aid programs available to you. 

This guide will cover the following areas in detail: 

  • Your Financial Aid Eligibility 
  • Understanding Your Award Letter and Types of Aid  
  • Federal Student Loan Programs 
  • Additional Financing Options  
  • What You Need to Know About the Verification Process 
  • Adjustments to Your Financial Aid  
  • Paying Your Bill 
  • Maintaining Financial Aid Eligibility.  
  • Student Responsibilities  

What you should do! 


Who is Jasmin?

Jasmin is from Boston, Massachusetts. She is a senior psychology major with a premed track. Want to get to know her more? We asked her a few questions about her experiences at UMass Lowell!

Q: Was UMass Lowell your top school?              A: No. I wanted to go out of state.

Q: Why did you come to UMass Lowell?               A: It was the most affordable from all the schools I applied to.


Q: Was it hard for you to adjust to UMass Lowell?                                                              A: No, I was fine. I was very close to home so I went home every weekend.

Q: Did you live on or off campus?                                                                                        A: I lived on campus all 4 years.

Q: What was your favorite residence hall to live in and why?                                              A: My favorite residence hall to live in was Bourgeois Hall  because my roommate was never there and I had the room all to myself.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about UMass Lowell?                                                            A: I made great friends!

Q: What has been your favorite class so far?                                                                      A: My favorite class was Human Sexuality. I liked the discussions that we had in class and listening to people’s opinions.

Q: What are some changes UMass Lowell has undergone since you’ve been here?            A: They added the business building. They also bought Perkins and tore down the dining hall on South Campus. Now the dining hall is located in McGauvran.

Q:  What are your plans for after graduation?                                                                    A: After graduation I plan to become a physician assistant and to help the less fortunate. I also want to be the greatest I can be! 

Staying Motivated!

Second semester is flying by! We are in March, have one month left and before we know it, it’s finals week. You might be losing focus and motivation around this time. Not going to the library as much as you were in the beginning of the semester, saving studying and homework for the night before and watching Netflix BEFORE finishing all your work. Summer vacation is right around the corner, we can smell it. BUT you have to remember why you’re here. We all have a goal.

Here are 10 ways to stay motivated while studying: 

  1. Take breaks every hour: You do not have to complete everything in one sitting, Take breaks, talk to friends, check your phone. then get back to work!

  2. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb: We are glued to our phones. the second it vibrates we have to check who it is, what it was. put your phone on do not disturb so you have zero distractions.


  4. REWARD YOURSELF WITH AN M&M FOR EVERY PAGE YOU READ Your professor assigned a 30 page reading and said there would be a quiz. Reward yourself with a snack, food is always great motivation.

  5. Make plans for when your work is completed: if you make plans for after you are done your work, it’ll allow you to get it done faster!

  6. use a Study Lockdown App: yes believe it or not there are apps that may benefit you when you are trying to study! try it out!

  7. Power Naps: although you might think its counterintuitive, power naps help a great deal. 

  8. Study Groups: Having study groups is very beneficial because if you do not understand something, you can ask a friend.

  9. Make index cards: making index cards before your test is a great way to prepare yourself for your exam.

  10. Play Classical Music: It may not be your favorite type of music but you will notice how calming and helpful classical music can be when you are studying.


Encourage Yourself! You’ve got this!

Look at yourself in the mirror

Say out loud, “I can do it”

Even if you don’t believe it, say it again. This time, even louder, “I can do it!”

At different points in our lives, we might feel discouraged. We might feel like we’ve been dealt more than we can bear. However, Winston Churchill once said, “Never, never, never give up!”

I think he had the right idea here. The only way you can fail is by not trying or giving your best attempt. And even if you don’t succeed in the way you thought you would, know that you learned a lesson and can only grow from your experiences. In addition, learn to find joy even whilst in the process. It makes life much easier to deal with.