Who is Jasmin?

Jasmin is from Boston, Massachusetts. She is a senior psychology major with a premed track. Want to get to know her more? We asked her a few questions about her experiences at UMass Lowell!

Q: Was UMass Lowell your top school?              A: No. I wanted to go out of state.

Q: Why did you come to UMass Lowell?               A: It was the most affordable from all the schools I applied to.


Q: Was it hard for you to adjust to UMass Lowell?                                                              A: No, I was fine. I was very close to home so I went home every weekend.

Q: Did you live on or off campus?                                                                                        A: I lived on campus all 4 years.

Q: What was your favorite residence hall to live in and why?                                              A: My favorite residence hall to live in was Bourgeois Hall  because my roommate was never there and I had the room all to myself.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about UMass Lowell?                                                            A: I made great friends!

Q: What has been your favorite class so far?                                                                      A: My favorite class was Human Sexuality. I liked the discussions that we had in class and listening to people’s opinions.

Q: What are some changes UMass Lowell has undergone since you’ve been here?            A: They added the business building. They also bought Perkins and tore down the dining hall on South Campus. Now the dining hall is located in McGauvran.

Q:  What are your plans for after graduation?                                                                    A: After graduation I plan to become a physician assistant and to help the less fortunate. I also want to be the greatest I can be! 

Staying Motivated!

Second semester is flying by! We are in March, have one month left and before we know it, it’s finals week. You might be losing focus and motivation around this time. Not going to the library as much as you were in the beginning of the semester, saving studying and homework for the night before and watching Netflix BEFORE finishing all your work. Summer vacation is right around the corner, we can smell it. BUT you have to remember why you’re here. We all have a goal.

Here are 10 ways to stay motivated while studying: 

  1. Take breaks every hour: You do not have to complete everything in one sitting, Take breaks, talk to friends, check your phone. then get back to work!

  2. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb: We are glued to our phones. the second it vibrates we have to check who it is, what it was. put your phone on do not disturb so you have zero distractions.


  4. REWARD YOURSELF WITH AN M&M FOR EVERY PAGE YOU READ Your professor assigned a 30 page reading and said there would be a quiz. Reward yourself with a snack, food is always great motivation.

  5. Make plans for when your work is completed: if you make plans for after you are done your work, it’ll allow you to get it done faster!

  6. use a Study Lockdown App: yes believe it or not there are apps that may benefit you when you are trying to study! try it out!

  7. Power Naps: although you might think its counterintuitive, power naps help a great deal. 

  8. Study Groups: Having study groups is very beneficial because if you do not understand something, you can ask a friend.

  9. Make index cards: making index cards before your test is a great way to prepare yourself for your exam.

  10. Play Classical Music: It may not be your favorite type of music but you will notice how calming and helpful classical music can be when you are studying.


Orientation Leader


  • Entertaining
  • Friendly
  • Leader
  • Lively
  • Influential
  • Helpful
  • Energetic
  • Dedicated
  • Responsible





It will be a fun Summer with a staff who will turn out to be more like family when the Summers over. You get to help students successfully transition into their first semester while building on your own leadership and professional skills. You get PAID, you get HOUSING, and you get a Summer MEAL PLANAs someone who was an orientation leader for two years, it’s an experience that I loved! I met so many amazing friends from the orientation staff as well as amazing new students. Being an orientation leader is a TIME COMMITMENT, so be sure to keep that in mind when applying!

Application deadline is February 23rd at Noon.

Winter Blues

After the first few weeks of classes I can imagine the winter break blues hitting hard right now. I bet you’re missing your own bed, the home made food, annoying your siblings and miss having your pet around at all times. It’s normal, we all miss having 3 weeks off and being able to relax, catch up on shows and most importantly be around family. But don’t worry, the enrollment ambassadors got you covered with ways to avoid the winter blues!

  1. Stay involved! If you are already in clubs, continue going to meetings! This is a great way to keep your focus and energy on something else!
  2. Stay active! Go to classes that the CRC offers! Take friends and go to zumba. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Great way to stay active and help with the winter blues!
  3. Weekend adventures! If you have time on the weekends, get a group of friends and go do something fun! Go shopping, go bowling, or even head to the city of Boston!
  4. Make time for yourself! There’s nothing wrong with some alone time, in fact, its quite healthy for you! Read a book, journal, take a walk around campus!
  5. Visit home! Unfortunately, not everyone can go back home on the weekends, but if you can, take advantage! Go home at least one weekend a month, just to be around your family!



We are almost there folks! In about three weeks the most grueling part of being a student arrives, *drum rolls* finals week. Finals week isn’t as bad as you think. There are ways to make it possible to study for exams and to write those papers… as long as you don’t procrastinate. Procrastinating is a dangerous game my friend, especially so close to the end of the semester. 

Now, as awesome as procrastination is when you are hanging out with friends or taking millions of naps, it’s awful when you’ve waited till the very last minute to do all your work. So try, your very best to avoid procrastinating. Set up a schedule that works for you and allows you to complete all the assignments in a reasonable time. You’re questioning how does one study for 3 exams and still have the time to write 2, 5-7 page papers? TIME MANAGEMENT. This is one of the most important things you’ll learn as a college student.  You need time management skills in order to maintain those good grades. Finals week will be a breeze, as long as you don’t listen to Spongebob!

It’s the Final Stretch!

Exhaustion is beginning to set in as December 21st comes closer and closer. The good news is, you are almost there! You are making it through your first semester here at UMass Lowell and you should be proud. Give yourself a round of applause. Now do it again! 

It’s hard staying motivated at the end of the semester. All you want to do is watch Netflix and nap…  (maybe that’s just me getting a little too personal).. But do not forget that finals are approaching, which unfortunately means we have lots of studying to do and papers that won’t write themselves! The more we let procrastination get to us, the more we are putting our grades in jeopardy. So here are 5 things to do to make sure you never lose that motivation, especially this close to the end of the semester!

     5 ways to stay motivated:

Watch Ted Talks

Surround yourself with positive people

Dream about your goals

Focus on the present

Don’t be too hard on yourself

                                                ONLY T H R E E WEEKS LEFT! 

Yellow Line?

As you all may know we have a residence hall right in the heart of the city. If you take the Yellow Line it will take you to the Inn and Conference Center, and from there you are free to explore Downtown Lowell. You will find so many unique shops and great restaurants!


Here’s a list of some of the places you should check out! But be aware, there’s so much more! And thanks to Student Government Association, many places Downtown will give you up to 10% off if you show them your student ID!

  1. El Potro

  2. Lowell Burger Company

  3. Humanity

  4. Wings over Lowell

  5. Sweet Lydia’s

  6. Mill No. 5

  7. Tremonte

  8. Coffee Mill

  9. Ramen Bar

  10. Brew’d Awakening

Are you Homesick?

It’s your first time being away from home for this long. You’ve been away for two months and the feeling of being homesick is finally kicking in full gear. Homesickness is very common for every college student. You miss your mom’s cooking, your puppy but most of all your bed. There’s a whole bunch of ways to stay connected with your family even if you can’t go home to visit them.

  1. You’re busy with classes, your parents have work, and your siblings have their own stuff going on. This is perfect for a group message. Send them funny memes to sum up your day.
  2. If your family lives very far, have them send you postcards! This will warm your heart with all the cute things your parents will say since they have not seen you in months. (then when you’re back from school they are asking when move in is)
  3. Care packages! Ask your parents to send you care packages if they can! Ask them to include FOOD, school supplies if you’re running low, and some basic necessities!Just remember its completely normal for you to be homesick. Keep in contact with your family as much as you can. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you can’t make it home then, Winter Break will be here before you know it! You got this! 

Dangers of Netflix

Image result for netflix

So, you started a new series on Netflix and you haven’t gotten up in about 8 hours. You’ve cried,you’ve laughed and now you’re crying again because you realized you forgot to take your quiz that was due 2 hours ago on Blackboard.

Trust me, I feel your pain. You want to know how the episode ends but that’s followed by 5 more episodes to see how those end. Have you even done your homework? Have you even showered? How about we do this.. take a break, wipe the tears from your eyes, and remember why you’re here. In college, work piles up on you so fast. Sometimes we get so caught up on something that we forget that, even something like Netflix. College gives us so much freedom but you have to be responsible and remember your education comes first. Put your laptop away or use it to study for your quiz. Talk to your friends who think that you went M.I.A and are worried about you. I promise you, Season 5, episode 8 of The Office, isn’t going anywhere!

Image result for netflix binge

There’s more to do than just Netflix! Join clubs, meet new people, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

5 Things to Know

It’s already October (time flies) and you still find yourself questioning what some of the offices at the university even do. So we asked three offices to share 5 important things they want you to know! 

                 The Solution Center             
1. Instead of wasting your time in line; check self-service, it’s all there! 

2. Don’t forget the priority deadline for FAFSA is March 1st in order to get the best package you qualify for.
3. Be sure to meet with your advisor early to select classes for next semester.4. For most up to date billing information look at your account summary in self-service.
5. If selected for verification make sure you get your documents in as soon as possible, any delays may impact eligibility.

                   Honors College

1. Honors requirements (H1-H8)/GPA

2. Enrichment Requirements (E1)

3.Honors Project/Thesis & its process

4.Study abroad opportunities 

5. Fellowships

 Image result for flags of the world
        Office of
Multicultural Affairs 
1. OMA works on a number of equity & inclusion topics not just specifically on race & ethnicity. All identities and experiences are welcome!
2. Our International Program hosts mentoring opportunities &                                        monthly events that are designed for both international and                                              domestic students in a cross-cultural exchange setting.
 3. River Hawk Rising, our student success cohort, provides                                              purposeful out-of-classroom experience that strengthens your                                          professional and academic portfolio and prepares you to success in                                 your chosen career or transition to graduate school.
4. OMA staff are here to help guide and support your experience!                                    Don’t wait until your last year! We can be helping on each semester of your time here in considering all your options and opportunities that you have.
5. OMA has trees on our walls and a gumball machine students are                                  welcome to use (at least until Jeremy, the grad fellow, eats all the gum).