In case you haven’t already heard, we have some Champs here at UML!!!!
(Well, EVERY river hawk is a champion!!!)

The Lady Riverhawks dominated in NCAA Division II Field Hockey this year!!

Not ONLY did the team win 1 – 0 in the championship game in Kentucky this past weekend, but the ladies had an AMAZING 24 – 0 season!!!
YES, that means the UML Field Hockey team went UNDEFEATED ALL SEASON!!!

There will be a rally for the team THIS FRIDAY (AKA TOMORROW) at 3 pm!!!!
This will be an excellent event!! You should take a trip to the TSONGAS CENTER for 3pm to check it out!!!
If you take the shuttle over, you could be entering a “CASH CAB” type shuttle ride where YOU can win tons of FREE PRIZES!!

Head over and give your NCAA Division Champs a round of applause!!!