Procrastination- Our biggest down fall

For most of us as college students procrastination is our biggest down fall. Whether it is because we are busy or because that mid-afternoon nap sounds too good, we often let procrastination get the best of us. While some students work better under pressure others may produce messy, last minute work that is not presentable or substantial for professors or could avoid so much stress if you got it out of the way earlier rather then later. Below are some simple tips that help me with procrastination. I hope they can help you too!

1. Avoid putting off any task that will take five minutes or less to complete.

2. Break larger jobs into small parts. Do one and then pause. This will feel less overwhelming.

3. Start with easier projects. Crossing them off your list will provide motivation to keep going.

4. Adopt a β€œtouch it once” policy. For example, pick up a bill, pay for it, and file it all in one swift process. This will keep to-dos from piling up and feeling impossible to complete.

5. Consider multitasking. For example, start your laundry before sitting down to read emails.

6. De-clutter. Clearing your physical environment can lead to a clear mind, too.

I hope this helps πŸ™‚
– Kayla

2014 Hockey East Champs! What’s next?

You cannot possibly tell me you’re not proud to be a Riverhawk at this point. Back to back Hockey East titles and now we are on to regionals for the second time in a row. Last year was a blast making it to the Frozen Four, but before we can do it again this year, we need your help. Even if you can’t make the next game, you can watch it online or listen to the audio via

Point is, keep the boys in mind this weekend. They are working hard not only to reach the top of college hockey world, but to also give our school a more significant name in the eyes of generations to come. You remember those days when you first started looking at schools, right? It was a pain in the butt! However, you chose UML for your own reasons. The hockey team’s success to incoming freshmen is just a bonus at that point. But isn’t it awesome when you tell friends and family members about the fact that you go to UML and they’re impressed? People all over the place are starting to hear about us, our school, the higher education and research we offer, our college hockey team’s success and the fact that we have officially gone Division 1 in all other varsity sports, etc. I can keep going, but I’ll save you the list. Don’t doubt the school you chose just yet. It can only get better from here. 

Sorry about my rant, folks. In case you missed the numerous emails, here’s some information about the upcoming game and how you can be a part of it:

  • This Saturday, March 29, at 7:30pm, your Riverhawks will be versing Minnesota State University at the D.C.U. Center in Worcester, MA.
  • Tickets for students are on sale ($40) today from 10am to 7pm. Pick up is in person at the Tsongas Center. Tickets are limited so first come, first serve!
  • The ticket price includes the bus trip to and from the D.C.U. Center. The bus will be leaving at 5:30pm on Saturday (more info to come on location). 
  • If we win Saturday night, the bus will then leave at 3pm on Sunday for the final. 
  • Head coach, Norm Bazin would like everyone to wear blue if you decide to go!

Show your pride at the game, or cheer ’em on from home. Either way, we wish them best of luck this weekend and we hope you can show your support!
-Rach πŸ™‚

Spring Break

Hey kiddos!

Spring Break is next week. I don’t even need to elaborate on the subject. Go have immense amounts of fun, but remember to be smart about your actions as well. Here are some tips to follow as well as some general Spring Break information: 

Schoolwork – If you have something due the week we get back, get it done before you leave on Friday! Or at least get it started. The last thing you want on your plate on the Sunday we come back is schoolwork that is due on Monday morning. 

Stay active! – Being on break doesn’t always mean you should be a couch potato.. okay, maybe for a couple days.. but try to stay away from being dormant for the whole week. It will only make getting back into the swing of things that much more difficult when you get back. Exercising or even just walking around a mall for an hour is much better than sitting and watching TV.

Safety – This is so important that it gets its own bullet point list. If you plan on vacationing anywhere with some friends, safety needs to be your top priority. 

  • Buddy System – Don’t go anywhere alone, especially at night. The bigger the group, the better.
  • Drinking – Do your best to limit your alcohol consumption. If necessary, make someone your Designated Driver or call a cab if you are unable to operate a vehicle on your own.
  • Contact Info – Give your parent/guardian all of your trip and contact information before you leave. If anything happens, notify them right away.
  • You can get more helpful safety tips for vacationing by clicking here.

If you would like to attend the upcoming hockey playoff games this weekend, ResLife is providing you with the option of staying in your residence hall both Friday and Saturday night. If you’re interested, simply email them at stating that you would like to attend the hockey games and they will grant you access to stay longer.

Enjoy thou breaking of spring!
-Rach πŸ™‚