Are you happy?

Here is some food for thought on this cold rainy day.. while you are either in class or curled in a ball napping at home/residence hall 🙂

 Happiness is a byproduct of an effort to make someone else happy. 
– Gretta Brooker Palmer, author

Advising time! Spring is coming… quicker than you think!

Good afternoon y’all! So guess what? Advising is coming and in order to have a super awesome schedule next semester as well as making sure you are staying on track with you major curriculum you need to do a few significant things!

In order to meet with your advisor to go over your schedule and what to take to be set up for success you need to email him/her. You may be wondering, well who is my advisor? GREAT QUESTION! If you log into ISIS (go to and the link is at the top right hand corner) you will see on the right side towards the middle there is a box that says “advisor” and will have a name under it. If you click on the “details” link under your advisors name it will bring you to a page with all of their contact information. YAY! You need to email/contact your advisor to schedule an appointment. If you run into any problems with this part feel free to comment and we shall help you to the best of our abilities 🙂

When meeting with your advisor it is best to go in with some prior knowledge on what you need and what you would like to take. It just makes the process move quicker and also makes you look like you are on top of your game to your advisor (very impressive)! To do this you can go to This website is extra handy and outlines every class you need to take for your major!

I hope this helps! If you run into any issues or I am just confusing in how I explain let me know and I will help!
Have a fantabulous Tuesday! It is almost hump day! YAAA!
-Kayla 🙂

Midterms and FUN! It is POSSIBLE! :-)

It is mid-term time and you may be feeling a little stressed out, overwhelmed & need a break from studying for few hours?  Our brain deserves some rest every now and then.. THIS IS WHY THERE IS AWESOME ACTIVITIES ON CAMPUS ALL THE TIME at UMass Lowell 🙂

  • Build a Blanket is being hosted by the Criminal Justice Society! Please join them at this campus wide event to construct blankets and collect blankets for children in need at homeless shelter, therapeutic riding program and hospitals and other children in need of them. This will be taking place October 22nd from 3pm-7pm in the Student Center on South campus!
  • Cardboard City is an event created by the Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity in partnership with Hunger/Homeless Commission. College groups are invited to participate in the event. There will be competition in: best cardboard house & most money raised for the event! This is taking place OCTOBER 25th at 7 pm on the Eames Lawn on North Campus!
  • The Women’s Leadership Conference is November 2nd at 9am-4pm at Cumnock on North Campus! During this year’s Woman’s Leadership Conference the theme is Know your Voice. The conference will include Workshops on working in a global world, embracing an entrepreneurial spirit and more! It is free for UMass Lowell students & $30 for Non UMass Lowell Students.
  • November 6th at 8pm in Fox Common there will be a childhood favorite movie being shown.. it is…… TOY STORY 😀 YES! Enjoy for free with snacks provided!
  • November 7th there is going to be a Veterans Invisible Identity Series at 4pm in Southwick 240. Even if you do not identify with the veteran population it is still awesome to show your support and gain new awareness from some veterans themselves!
  • And if none of this suites you Hunger Game movie tickets are on sale for $12 at the Student Information Center in the student center on South Campus. Transportation is provided to Chunkys and back! And we get to see the movie 2 days before it is released in theaters! How awesome right?
  • Also, Celtics tickets are going on sale November 1rst for $35! The actual game will be November 15th and the bus will be departing from Fox at 4:30pm!

Happy Involvement 😀 WOO HOO! And of course, GOOD LUCK on midterms!!!!! 

 – Kayla :-) 


I know there are some of you out there reading this and probably thinking I don’t even like hockey!, but here’s the deal. You don’t even have to be a fan of sports whatsoever to enjoy the “pros” of going to a game. There’s so much more in it than just trying to understand the game play.
Men’s ice hockey was the only sport at UMass Lowell to be Division I before the rest of our athletic programs joined just this past year. We’re used to the Hockey East action, the rivalries, the competition, and we want future classes to join in on supporting something that puts our school on the map. Our school has already come so far in being recognized nationwide, so why not keep striding for a stronger community of students that support one another? There’s something in it for everyone. I promise! If you’re an avid sports fan, by all means, go to games knowing where the little black thing on the ice is supposed to go and have a blast. But for those of you that aren’t so interested, hear me out. Grab a few friends, hit up the dining hall for some grub, and head over to a hockey game on a Friday or Saturday night. I can’t believe I’m saying this (being a pretty big sports fan myself) but you don’t even have to pay attention to the game! (Ahh that hurt.) There are so many events that go on in between periods and timeouts that there’s plenty going on to keep you interested, and who knows, you might actually enjoy watching your classmates do some work against big schools like Boston College, Northeastern, UMass Amherst, etc.
We recently had a showdown this past weekend of games against Sacred Heart University and UMass Amherst. The turnout was crazy! The student section was filled with energy and excitement as our Riverhawks took the ice. Not to mention, we have some pretty nice banner additions to the Tsongas. Much needed. And best of all, IT’S FREEEEEEEE…for students that is. Come see how our students pull together for one/two nights out of the week to cheer on a team that has done so much for us in terms of showing the rest of the country what we have to offer. 
And come say hi to me while you’re at it. I’ll be there and so should you! No excuses! 😛


Costumes! Costumes! Halloween! Costumes!

It’s OCTOBER! Yes! 

& why am I so excited you may ask?

Because with October comes HALLOWEEN!!….. and candy.

My favorite part of Halloween is looking at costumes! I mean they’re interesting, funny, and can spark ideas for your own creative costume! Because we are getting close to Halloween your probably thinking wow, I should find a costume now (which is what I am thinking) AND with all the fun events that are going to be happening on campus you want to have the coolest costume EVER.
Sooooo.. for some entertainment, here are some ideas… 5 costumes plus one couples costume!

Number 1 is TED!
Everyone will want to be your thunder buddy on Halloween if the weather is scary outside!

Number 2 is the Avatar costume because it can never get old! 
And btw, I wish I was an Avatar in real life………..

Number 3.. For all y’all coffee lovers, this comes in adult sizes! BUT isn’t she so darn cute?!

Number 4.. because this woman from Hunger Games REALLY is SCARY looking!

Number 5 for FUN! And because this is just plain AWESOME!


I mean come on! They look like studs! 

Wooo Hooo! So there’s some ideas! I hope you liked them and if not I hope you it least got a good laugh out of some of them! Keep a look out for Halloween events happening on campus!

Until next time 🙂
– Kayla

Le Fall Festival!

Do you have anything planned the weekend of October 10th-13th? If not, KEEP IT THAT WAY. If so, CANCEL EVERYTHING. Seriously, there is by far too many things going on in this one weekend for you to miss out because you have to get your cat neutered or something. Ladies and gents.. it’s Fall Festival, a time when the entirety of UMass Lowell will come together to celebrate how far we’ve come as a university and as a community. We’ll do our best to give you a preview of what’s going on, but reading about it on a blog doesn’t nearly compare to being a part of the action.

  • UML Women’s Volleyball vs Robert Morris University
    • Location – Costello Athletic Center
    • Time – 7 p.m.
    • Free admission! 
  • UML Men’s Hockey Home Opener vs Sacred Heart
    • Watch your hockey team take on the Pioneers in their first home game of the season! It’s a showdown you won’t want to miss! 
    • Location – Tsongas Center
    • Time – 6 p.m. rally (Tsongas Center Lobby), 7:15 p.m. puck drop
    • Free admission for UMass Lowell students, ticket prices for general admission range from $11.00-$17.00 depending on seating
  • UML Women’s Volleyball vs University of Hartford
    • Location – Costello Athletic Center
    • Time – 7 p.m.
    • Free admission!
  • Open Skate
    • How can you pass up an opportunity to skate on the same ice as your Hockey East champion Riverhawks? YA CAN’T. Bring your own skates or rent ’em!
    • Location – Tsongas Center
    • Time – 1-3 p.m.
    • Free admission!
  • Family Day
    • Have a sibling who’s itching to visit you and see what the college life is like? Take this Saturday to invite not just them, but you’re whole family to something that is fun for all ages! UMass Lowell prides itself on getting the community (students and their families) involved whenever possible. This is a great chance to meet others, engage in fun activities, and enjoy great music and food. 
    • Location – Tsongas Center (back lawn)
    • Time: Noon – 4 p.m.
    • Free admission!
  • UML Men’s Hockey vs UMass Amherst
    • Rivalry between the UMasses? Bring. It. On.
    • Location – Tsongas Center
    • Time – 7 p.m.
    • Free admission for UMass Lowell students, ticket prices for general admission range from $11.00-$17.00 depending on seating
*There are MANY more events on October 12, so if these two peak your interest, be sure to check out the rest @

  • UML Women’s Volleyball vs Providence College 
    • Location – Costello Athletic Center
    • Time – 1 p.m.
    • Free admission!
  • UML Women’s Soccer vs University of Hartford
    • Location – Costello Athletic Center (outside)
    • Time – 1 p.m.
    • Free Admission!

I know I’ll be around. Question is, will you?