Costumes! Costumes! Halloween! Costumes!

It’s OCTOBER! Yes! 

& why am I so excited you may ask?

Because with October comes HALLOWEEN!!….. and candy.

My favorite part of Halloween is looking at costumes! I mean they’re interesting, funny, and can spark ideas for your own creative costume! Because we are getting close to Halloween your probably thinking wow, I should find a costume now (which is what I am thinking) AND with all the fun events that are going to be happening on campus you want to have the coolest costume EVER.
Sooooo.. for some entertainment, here are some ideas… 5 costumes plus one couples costume!

Number 1 is TED!
Everyone will want to be your thunder buddy on Halloween if the weather is scary outside!

Number 2 is the Avatar costume because it can never get old! 
And btw, I wish I was an Avatar in real life………..

Number 3.. For all y’all coffee lovers, this comes in adult sizes! BUT isn’t she so darn cute?!

Number 4.. because this woman from Hunger Games REALLY is SCARY looking!

Number 5 for FUN! And because this is just plain AWESOME!


I mean come on! They look like studs! 

Wooo Hooo! So there’s some ideas! I hope you liked them and if not I hope you it least got a good laugh out of some of them! Keep a look out for Halloween events happening on campus!

Until next time 🙂
– Kayla