I know there are some of you out there reading this and probably thinking I don’t even like hockey!, but here’s the deal. You don’t even have to be a fan of sports whatsoever to enjoy the “pros” of going to a game. There’s so much more in it than just trying to understand the game play.
Men’s ice hockey was the only sport at UMass Lowell to be Division I before the rest of our athletic programs joined just this past year. We’re used to the Hockey East action, the rivalries, the competition, and we want future classes to join in on supporting something that puts our school on the map. Our school has already come so far in being recognized nationwide, so why not keep striding for a stronger community of students that support one another? There’s something in it for everyone. I promise! If you’re an avid sports fan, by all means, go to games knowing where the little black thing on the ice is supposed to go and have a blast. But for those of you that aren’t so interested, hear me out. Grab a few friends, hit up the dining hall for some grub, and head over to a hockey game on a Friday or Saturday night. I can’t believe I’m saying this (being a pretty big sports fan myself) but you don’t even have to pay attention to the game! (Ahh that hurt.) There are so many events that go on in between periods and timeouts that there’s plenty going on to keep you interested, and who knows, you might actually enjoy watching your classmates do some work against big schools like Boston College, Northeastern, UMass Amherst, etc.
We recently had a showdown this past weekend of games against Sacred Heart University and UMass Amherst. The turnout was crazy! The student section was filled with energy and excitement as our Riverhawks took the ice. Not to mention, we have some pretty nice banner additions to the Tsongas. Much needed. And best of all, IT’S FREEEEEEEE…for students that is. Come see how our students pull together for one/two nights out of the week to cheer on a team that has done so much for us in terms of showing the rest of the country what we have to offer. 
And come say hi to me while you’re at it. I’ll be there and so should you! No excuses! 😛