Random Day!

Hey Guys! 

So I really don’t have anything too insightful or helpful to write today because my brain is fried from midterms and labs and just everything! I’m just going to post a few pictures that made me laugh when I was really stressed and I hope they make you laugh too!

This one is my background! He’s so cute! hahah

Someone’s in trouble….

Flying dog?! 

A little Stuck! 

Stuck #2!

Clearly that dog loves this kid if he sat there and just let him draw all of him! hahah!

A monkey saving a dog! 



I’m not sure why but I find this picture absolutely hilarious! Hahaha.
I just think that this is really cute! Puppies helping a baby up! 🙂
I did one for cats so I figured I do a dog on too!

I hope you all have a good weekend and enjoyed my photos! I know they made me laugh! 🙂

-Cait 🙂


Cough Cough Cough sneezing, coughing

If you feel yourself, sneezing, coughing in class non stop it sounds like you are getting sick. It’s that time of year where people are getting sick left and right of you. Check out these tips to stay healthy:

2. Eat some vegetables or fruits, try and stay away from fried foods
3. Wash your hands
4. Exercise
5. Get a flu shot
6. Don’t share drinks
7. cough and sneeze into your sleeve

If you feel like you have more then the common cold go to health services and have them check it out. But if you do have the common cold take some nyquil and get some cough drops at health services because there FREEEEEE

Stay healthy ~Stef

4 DAYS!!!

You may or may not be sick of me writing about Halloween constantly on the blog. Look at it this way, you have 4 more days of it and after that? I’ll talk about the holidays and maybe even the elusive…FINALS.

Let’s get things started with possible and probably overly used Halloween costumes this year.

Lady Gaga

 Snooki (My personal favorite ;])


Mario & Luigi!

What are you going to be for Halloween? 

Here are some cool upcoming events related to Halloween:

“Scary Story” Halloween Party and Costume Contest 
10/28 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Come to the 4th floor of O’Leary and read a selection from your favorite Halloween related story! Costumes not mandatory but encouraged! Best costume can win a book store gift card! 😀

Monster Bash and Halloween Stroll – 10/28 5 p.m.
Go downtown for safe trick or treating and various events at retailers! There will be a haunted house and various contests and games for all ages! Go to www.cultureiscool.org for more info! 

Safe Trick or Treat – 10/29 5 p.m.
Hand out candy or brave a haunted house in Sheehy! 

Have a great Halloween! And go to all these places!


And then you take the COS… of the TAN…and…..divide… ZZZZZZZ…

Hello everyone!!!!
I have noticed in a few of my classes lately that the students around me have started to fall asleep in class….  And if this is happening to the upperclassmen, I’m sure it is happening to the freshman as well.  So I am here to help!  We are now officially past the half-way point of our fall semester (I know.. it went by fast right?)  and that means that teachers are starting to have more tests and more quizzes and more homework in order to prepare you for your finals. What does that mean?  That means many many many many many did I mention many? I’ll say it one more time just in case: MANY nights that you might not get a lot of sleep.  
Now I’m sure you’re all thinking:  “James, how can I avoid these sleepless nights? I love sleep.  Like I LOVE it.”….I might be paraphrasing a bit here, but I’m SURE that’s around what you were all thinking.
The answer is quite simple actually: Time management.  I found that my freshman year I had to get creative with my study time and my homework time.  I started watching less T.V. and played a little less N64 (I’m old school)  and I started to get more of my homework/studying done before 10pm.  You need to start earlier than late at night to start your homework.  I know after a long day of classes you want to do nothing than take a nap or veg until 11 at night, but if you start your homework earlier, you will be able to veg out all you want afterward.  Basically what I’m trying to say here is that homework and studying needs to become a priority.  If you do that, then you will find yourself with actual FREE TIME and you can go out and have fun and not have to think about that project you have to do in the back of your mind.  You can also brag to all your friends who are complaining about all the work they have to do and just simply say “Well mine is all done”.  See? Doing your homework gives you not only better grades, but bragging rights.
Now if you do all of these things and you still find yourself nodding off in class, here is what you do.  Get up, go outside of the class and head to the nearest bubbler.  Splash some water on your face, stretch a bit and just walk back into the class room (in a non disruptive way of course).  Everyone gets tired and drained during a class eventually.  Professors won’t mind if you step out for just a second if it is a once in a moon kind of thing, but don’t make a habit out of it.  Your Professor would be more upset (and usually insulted) if you are sleeping in their class, so do the polite thing and just take a step outside and re-awaken yourself!
Also, Coffee and Energy drinks are good for those who use them and hey, if it works for you it works for you… but they both are bad for your health if used in large quantities.  The best answer for being tired is getting a good nights sleep, so make sure that you are doing that in your own bed instead of the class room!
Happy trails to you, until we meet again!

~James (Co-Chief of the Anti Drooling On Desks Society)  ADODS for short.


Hey everyone!
Jess heree!  I can’t believe how quickly this semester has been going!  Can you believe its already halfway done?  But as the semester gets closer to the end…that means only one thing..time to sign up for classes for the next semester!!  As many of you guys should know, over the summer we constantly reminded you on how to take care of your holds on your isis account now and not later so you don’t have to get stressed out when you have to register for classes.  These holds can be for immunization hold, maybe you have that ethnicity survey , or many of you guys now might have an advising hold.  Take care of these holds ASAP!  Advising starts November 3rd so make sure you sign up for an appointment to meet with you advisor.  Believe me, you do NOT want these holds to take away from your perfect schedule that you create for the spring semester

Hope this helps!

Louis CK! Free grilled cheese! At the Campus Rec Center TONIGHT!!

Before I begin this blog post I have a few questions for you wonderful bloggers out there. 

1. Do you love laughing? (If you don’t, quite honestly you have no soul…THERE I SAID IT SORRY.)

2. Do you love grilled cheese? Especially when it is free?

3. What would you think of questions 1 and 2 combined?

If you answered “YES” to all of those questions I have some plans for you tonight. 

Tonight at 9pm Louis CK will be at the Campus Rec Center on East Campus for your enjoyment! If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet get on it and show up to the show early! When you do show up early to purchase tickets, feel free to indulge in a FREE GRILLED CHEESE sponsored by CAPA.

Tickets are $10 for students $15 for non students and again the show starts at 9pm!



It[s gonna be a busy weekend!!

Hello all,
Ashley here. How was your weekend? I hope it was grrrrrreat (like Frosted Flakes) and that you’ve felt recharged for the week!
This weekend is sure to be a busy one!! There are a ton of events happening on campus that you should get involved in!!
Thursday8pm. A Night of Soul Mix with Words. Don’t miss this spirited open showcase of poetry, singing, dancing and UMass Lowell talent. Sponsored by ASAO. Jr. Ballroom, Inn & Conference Center.
Friday7pm. HOCKEY HOME OPENER!!!!!!!!! LET’S GET ROWDY! It’s time to break the record (1,601) for student attendance at a hockey game! Dress in BLUE and you WILL appear on the new video scoreboard!
Saturday10 am. Jennifer’s Run 5k Run/Walk,  UMass Lowell North, corner of Riverside and Sparks streets, Riverside Parking Lot. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.; $20 Alumni and open runners, $15 UML Students and under 18. All proceeds from the race will benefit the Jennifer D’Amour Scholarship Fund, which funds two women’s cross-country and track and field scholarships. $250 course record bonus. For more information: 978-934-2342 or umltrack@uml.edu.
11:30 – 3 pm. Family Day, Lester Cushing Complex, UMass Lowell North. Music, caricature artists, pony rides, games/activities, inflatables, and a tasty variety of food for sale by student clubs. Rain location: Campus Recreation Center.
Sunday8 am – Open House for Prospective Students
1 – 4 pm. Apple Picking at Kimball’s Fruit Farm. Join us for a lovely autumn day in the orchard. All varieties of apples available for $1/lb. Bus departs Fox Hall at 1 p.m. $3 includes travel only. Limited tickets available beginning Wednesday, Oct. 13, at South/North SICs.  For information: travel@student.uml.edu. Sponsored by CAPA.

Have fun and get involved!!!



Hey Guys,

If your a freshmen on campus you should of all received a newsletters by now. Commuting freshmen you will get one in the mail shortly. Transfers you will also be getting one shortly in the mail. Also ask your parents about the newsletter they are going to or have already received in the mail. Read it we worked really hard on it, and it has some mad good information. Enjoy the rest of the week!



HEY everyone!!!!

Hope everyone’s first month here has been awesome!!!! How’s everyone’s first month of commuting or living here?? If your living here or have ever had a room mate. What’s your experience been like? Have you had any room mate issues. Now’s the time to vent. I remember my freshmen year I didn’t have the best of room mates. We had BAD communication skills. One of my room mates was smelly!! Another worked a lot (which wasn’t bad except she would do bad things with my smelly room mate. The other one was very nice just was way to open to her life.

Top Tips to being an AMAZING room mate

1. Do your LAUNDRY!!
2. Take a SHOWER every so often
3. Try and keep your stuff on YOUR side of your room
4. Don’t STEAL your room mates stuff (unless they say you can use it or have it)
5. Be CONSIDERATE of sleeping time

So try these tips. Have any more comment 🙂


Who Wants to SEE THE WORLD!

Let me start off by asking you a question. What is the farthest you have ever travelled from home? It doesn’t matter if it was family or alone, just in general. If you haven’t left the country then you are MISSING OUT! The world is a huge place and I don’t know about you guys, but I could not die happy knowing that I had only seen 1/100000000th of it (that may be a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea). If you, like me want to travel and experience the world then NOW is the time. Study abroad while you still have the opportunity because unless you have a very high paying job or a job that has you travel, you’re probably going to be sticking close to home for the first many years of your career!
                Studying abroad not only gives you the taste of another culture, but it can gets you credit as well. Can you imagine getting credit for going to pretty much the same classes but in SPAIN, ITALY, or even BRAZIL! If this interests you then Click Here! Deciding to study abroad is a decision you will not regret! I’m looking into it now and I could not be more excited! I hope you all at least look into it. Good luck with the rest of the semester and have a great 3 DAY WEEKEND! 😀 But remember, Tuesday is Monday‘s schedule!
-Cait 🙂