Louis CK! Free grilled cheese! At the Campus Rec Center TONIGHT!!

Before I begin this blog post I have a few questions for you wonderful bloggers out there. 

1. Do you love laughing? (If you don’t, quite honestly you have no soul…THERE I SAID IT SORRY.)

2. Do you love grilled cheese? Especially when it is free?

3. What would you think of questions 1 and 2 combined?

If you answered “YES” to all of those questions I have some plans for you tonight. 

Tonight at 9pm Louis CK will be at the Campus Rec Center on East Campus for your enjoyment! If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet get on it and show up to the show early! When you do show up early to purchase tickets, feel free to indulge in a FREE GRILLED CHEESE sponsored by CAPA.

Tickets are $10 for students $15 for non students and again the show starts at 9pm!