Hey everyone!
Jess heree!  I can’t believe how quickly this semester has been going!  Can you believe its already halfway done?  But as the semester gets closer to the end…that means only one thing..time to sign up for classes for the next semester!!  As many of you guys should know, over the summer we constantly reminded you on how to take care of your holds on your isis account now and not later so you don’t have to get stressed out when you have to register for classes.  These holds can be for immunization hold, maybe you have that ethnicity survey , or many of you guys now might have an advising hold.  Take care of these holds ASAP!  Advising starts November 3rd so make sure you sign up for an appointment to meet with you advisor.  Believe me, you do NOT want these holds to take away from your perfect schedule that you create for the spring semester

Hope this helps!