And then you take the COS… of the TAN…and…..divide… ZZZZZZZ…

Hello everyone!!!!
I have noticed in a few of my classes lately that the students around me have started to fall asleep in class….  And if this is happening to the upperclassmen, I’m sure it is happening to the freshman as well.  So I am here to help!  We are now officially past the half-way point of our fall semester (I know.. it went by fast right?)  and that means that teachers are starting to have more tests and more quizzes and more homework in order to prepare you for your finals. What does that mean?  That means many many many many many did I mention many? I’ll say it one more time just in case: MANY nights that you might not get a lot of sleep.  
Now I’m sure you’re all thinking:  “James, how can I avoid these sleepless nights? I love sleep.  Like I LOVE it.”….I might be paraphrasing a bit here, but I’m SURE that’s around what you were all thinking.
The answer is quite simple actually: Time management.  I found that my freshman year I had to get creative with my study time and my homework time.  I started watching less T.V. and played a little less N64 (I’m old school)  and I started to get more of my homework/studying done before 10pm.  You need to start earlier than late at night to start your homework.  I know after a long day of classes you want to do nothing than take a nap or veg until 11 at night, but if you start your homework earlier, you will be able to veg out all you want afterward.  Basically what I’m trying to say here is that homework and studying needs to become a priority.  If you do that, then you will find yourself with actual FREE TIME and you can go out and have fun and not have to think about that project you have to do in the back of your mind.  You can also brag to all your friends who are complaining about all the work they have to do and just simply say “Well mine is all done”.  See? Doing your homework gives you not only better grades, but bragging rights.
Now if you do all of these things and you still find yourself nodding off in class, here is what you do.  Get up, go outside of the class and head to the nearest bubbler.  Splash some water on your face, stretch a bit and just walk back into the class room (in a non disruptive way of course).  Everyone gets tired and drained during a class eventually.  Professors won’t mind if you step out for just a second if it is a once in a moon kind of thing, but don’t make a habit out of it.  Your Professor would be more upset (and usually insulted) if you are sleeping in their class, so do the polite thing and just take a step outside and re-awaken yourself!
Also, Coffee and Energy drinks are good for those who use them and hey, if it works for you it works for you… but they both are bad for your health if used in large quantities.  The best answer for being tired is getting a good nights sleep, so make sure that you are doing that in your own bed instead of the class room!
Happy trails to you, until we meet again!

~James (Co-Chief of the Anti Drooling On Desks Society)  ADODS for short.