Finally Finals

Okay Riverhawks, it’s time to finish strong!
Here are the best ways to tackle finals week:
Plan your week around studying
Figure out your exact exam schedule and then plan exactly when you’re going to study for each subject. Even plan your breaks and time to eat! The more efficiently you use your time, the more prepared you will be and preparation is your best weapon against test anxiety.
Create a good study environment
Pick the place that works best for you (check out our last post for some ideas!) and move in for the week. Bring headphones, even if you don’t listen to music, to keep people from bothering you. Bring healthy snacks to munch on – food is brain fuel!
Do not neglect your health this week. Fitting in even a small amount of exercise a day (such as taking a walk with some friends) is good for you. It will give your brain a break and will also be a good form of stress relief.
 Get plenty of sleep
I cannot stress this one enough. Study hard during the day and then cement the material at night during a good night’s sleep. By getting enough sleep, you will also feel more alert and less spacey when you actually sit down to the exam.
You got this Riverhawks! And congratulations on completing your first semester here!
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Do you see the finish line?

Procrastination? No! DETERMINATION!
With the last week of classes beginning next week, this is the time when you really need to push through! Procrastination may be getting worse by the minute but you need to remember that these grades now are just as important as the grades that you received at the beginning of the semester!
Your GPA is precious so if you start to slack now, an A can turn into an A-, a B into a B-, and so on. If you have a major exam or project this week or next week, turning in something of poor quality could turn your B into a C! Definitely be wary and do not procrastinate. There are many techniques that you can use to ward off procrastination, one technique is to actually exercise! Some individuals actually feel more motivated and focused after they have finished exercising, so definitely give it a shot!
Study Spots
Since we are talking about the end of the semester, one thing that you may want to consider is the perfect study spot. While the residence halls will have 24 hour quiet hours during finals week, it is important to know what works best for you when it comes to studying. Some people have too many distractions in their rooms so they choose not to study there. Some people also rather study alone rather than in a group. So definitely try to brainstorm what will work best for you and you will definitely reap the rewards. Some study spots include but are not limited to:

  • Libraries
  • Common room
  • Computer labs
  • UCrossing
  • Southwick dining
  • McGauvran Meeting rooms
  • Tutoring centers
Riverhawks, you can do this! Push down on the pedal and you can finish off a semester to be proud of. And definitely remember to study, those finals are important!