Are you Homesick?

It’s your first time being away from home for this long. You’ve been away for two months and the feeling of being homesick is finally kicking in full gear. Homesickness is very common for every college student. You miss your mom’s cooking, your puppy but most of all your bed. There’s a whole bunch of ways to stay connected with your family even if you can’t go home to visit them.

  1. You’re busy with classes, your parents have work, and your siblings have their own stuff going on. This is perfect for a group message. Send them funny memes to sum up your day.
  2. If your family lives very far, have them send you postcards! This will warm your heart with all the cute things your parents will say since they have not seen you in months. (then when you’re back from school they are asking when move in is)
  3. Care packages! Ask your parents to send you care packages if they can! Ask them to include FOOD, school supplies if you’re running low, and some basic necessities!Just remember its completely normal for you to be homesick. Keep in contact with your family as much as you can. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you can’t make it home then, Winter Break will be here before you know it! You got this! 

Sleep? What’s That??

Image result for sleep memeNot Sleeping:

  • Limit your ability to learn and recall information
  • Makes you more prone to acne
  • Is a risk factor for obesity
  • Inhibits brain function (similar to alcohol intoxication)
  • Puts you at a greater risk for heart disease or stroke 
  • May worsen mental health issues, such as depression

Tips for good sleep:

  • Keep a regular sleep/wake schedule
  • Don’t drink caffeine four to six hours before bed 
  • Don’t smoke, especially near bedtime or if you awake in the night
  • Avoid alcohol and heavy meals 
  • Exercise regularly
  • Minimize noise and extreme temperatures where you sleep
  • Develop a regular bedtime schedule

Class Registration

SIS Refresher:  Go to “MyUML” → SIS→ “For Students”


This is the mobile friendly interface:


This is the older version of SIS. Click the green “Mobile View” button to switch back to the previous screen if you’d like:


Plan out your classes for advising ahead of time! Most likely, your major’s primary classes will be in your planner. You will need to add breadth of knowledge classes and classes pertaining to minors as well as concentrations to your planner.



To double check your status and class completions, click on “Plan by Requirement” while in the planner view. It’ll bring you to something like this:


When you’re ready to enroll, use schedule builder! Here is a quick review on schedule builder:


Hint: Don’t forget to hit enroll each time it shows up on the screen or your classes will remain in the shopping cart.



Dangers of Netflix

Image result for netflix

So, you started a new series on Netflix and you haven’t gotten up in about 8 hours. You’ve cried,you’ve laughed and now you’re crying again because you realized you forgot to take your quiz that was due 2 hours ago on Blackboard.

Trust me, I feel your pain. You want to know how the episode ends but that’s followed by 5 more episodes to see how those end. Have you even done your homework? Have you even showered? How about we do this.. take a break, wipe the tears from your eyes, and remember why you’re here. In college, work piles up on you so fast. Sometimes we get so caught up on something that we forget that, even something like Netflix. College gives us so much freedom but you have to be responsible and remember your education comes first. Put your laptop away or use it to study for your quiz. Talk to your friends who think that you went M.I.A and are worried about you. I promise you, Season 5, episode 8 of The Office, isn’t going anywhere!

Image result for netflix binge

There’s more to do than just Netflix! Join clubs, meet new people, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

5 Things to Know

It’s already October (time flies) and you still find yourself questioning what some of the offices at the university even do. So we asked three offices to share 5 important things they want you to know! 

                 The Solution Center             
1. Instead of wasting your time in line; check self-service, it’s all there! 

2. Don’t forget the priority deadline for FAFSA is March 1st in order to get the best package you qualify for.
3. Be sure to meet with your advisor early to select classes for next semester.4. For most up to date billing information look at your account summary in self-service.
5. If selected for verification make sure you get your documents in as soon as possible, any delays may impact eligibility.

                   Honors College

1. Honors requirements (H1-H8)/GPA

2. Enrichment Requirements (E1)

3.Honors Project/Thesis & its process

4.Study abroad opportunities 

5. Fellowships

 Image result for flags of the world
        Office of
Multicultural Affairs 
1. OMA works on a number of equity & inclusion topics not just specifically on race & ethnicity. All identities and experiences are welcome!
2. Our International Program hosts mentoring opportunities &                                        monthly events that are designed for both international and                                              domestic students in a cross-cultural exchange setting.
 3. River Hawk Rising, our student success cohort, provides                                              purposeful out-of-classroom experience that strengthens your                                          professional and academic portfolio and prepares you to success in                                 your chosen career or transition to graduate school.
4. OMA staff are here to help guide and support your experience!                                    Don’t wait until your last year! We can be helping on each semester of your time here in considering all your options and opportunities that you have.
5. OMA has trees on our walls and a gumball machine students are                                  welcome to use (at least until Jeremy, the grad fellow, eats all the gum).