5 Things to Know

It’s already October (time flies) and you still find yourself questioning what some of the offices at the university even do. So we asked three offices to share 5 important things they want you to know! 

                 The Solution Center             
1. Instead of wasting your time in line; check self-service, it’s all there! 

2. Don’t forget the priority deadline for FAFSA is March 1st in order to get the best package you qualify for.
3. Be sure to meet with your advisor early to select classes for next semester.4. For most up to date billing information look at your account summary in self-service.
5. If selected for verification make sure you get your documents in as soon as possible, any delays may impact eligibility.

                   Honors College

1. Honors requirements (H1-H8)/GPA

2. Enrichment Requirements (E1)

3.Honors Project/Thesis & its process

4.Study abroad opportunities 

5. Fellowships

 Image result for flags of the world
        Office of
Multicultural Affairs 
1. OMA works on a number of equity & inclusion topics not just specifically on race & ethnicity. All identities and experiences are welcome!
2. Our International Program hosts mentoring opportunities &                                        monthly events that are designed for both international and                                              domestic students in a cross-cultural exchange setting.
 3. River Hawk Rising, our student success cohort, provides                                              purposeful out-of-classroom experience that strengthens your                                          professional and academic portfolio and prepares you to success in                                 your chosen career or transition to graduate school.
4. OMA staff are here to help guide and support your experience!                                    Don’t wait until your last year! We can be helping on each semester of your time here in considering all your options and opportunities that you have.
5. OMA has trees on our walls and a gumball machine students are                                  welcome to use (at least until Jeremy, the grad fellow, eats all the gum).