Dude, this Stress is Killing Me!

Yes, Midterms are quickly approaching!!

   But do not fret! Stress isn’t necessarily a BAD thing.
   In fact, eustress (or positive stress) is what causes excitement. There’s also acute stress (or temporary stress), which is what many people use to finish that paper that’s due at 11:59pm, when it’s 11:45pm. The negative side of stress is when you feel like it’s 11:58pm all day, everyday. This is chronic stress. This causes the continuous release of the hormone, cortisol. Large amounts of cortisol is detrimental to our cells. It often leads to mental health issues, cardiovascular disease, obesity, sexual dysfunction, irregular menstrual cycles, and hair and skin issues, including PIMPLES!
  If you feel tense and stressed out even after the exam and long after you’ve passed in your paper, seek help. Go to counseling services. Your health is too important!
    As a senior, I’ve had my fair share of panic attacks, meltdowns, and freakouts. To help myself, and now all of you, I wrote downsome reminders to myself for times like right now when I have 2 exams next week and I haven’t reviewed a thing! ?


 Try these helpful habits!
  •    Speak positively– You believe whatever you think and say, so speak positive things! If you want to succeed, speak success over your own self!
  •    Sleep before stress– Cramming is great in theory, but actually doesn’t allow the brain to rest. It also isn’t helpful when so much time is devoted to the practice and your brain blanks as soon as you get the exam.
  •    Remember to get a hug– College is crazy! Midterms are stressful! But a hug helps release the “happy chemicals” in your brain, specifically oxytocin.
  •    Don’t push people out– It’s too easy to become a recluse around this time, but if you need help, GET HELP. There’s no use suffering alone in silence. This includes going to the Wellness Center for counseling or studying in small groups.
  •    Laugh at something for 10 minutes– Basically, do something that relieves stress! Plus, more “happy” chemicals! This time, it’s endorphins.
  •    Talk about it, and if you’re frozen, write about it– Expression is key. Sometimes a good vent session is all you need! In addition, whoever is listening or reading might be able to help you solve the pressing issue.
  •    Take a 30 minute walk and then get back to work– Exercise is super helpful with those “happy” endorphins, and it gets the blood moving! However, do not get distracted. You’ve still got work to do, buttercup!
This one’s for you, smarty pants!

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