Dangers of Netflix

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So, you started a new series on Netflix and you haven’t gotten up in about 8 hours. You’ve cried,you’ve laughed and now you’re crying again because you realized you forgot to take your quiz that was due 2 hours ago on Blackboard.

Trust me, I feel your pain. You want to know how the episode ends but that’s followed by 5 more episodes to see how those end. Have you even done your homework? Have you even showered? How about we do this.. take a break, wipe the tears from your eyes, and remember why you’re here. In college, work piles up on you so fast. Sometimes we get so caught up on something that we forget that, even something like Netflix. College gives us so much freedom but you have to be responsible and remember your education comes first. Put your laptop away or use it to study for your quiz. Talk to your friends who think that you went M.I.A and are worried about you. I promise you, Season 5, episode 8 of The Office, isn’t going anywhere!

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There’s more to do than just Netflix! Join clubs, meet new people, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!