Are you Homesick?

It’s your first time being away from home for this long. You’ve been away for two months and the feeling of being homesick is finally kicking in full gear. Homesickness is very common for every college student. You miss your mom’s cooking, your puppy but most of all your bed. There’s a whole bunch of ways to stay connected with your family even if you can’t go home to visit them.

  1. You’re busy with classes, your parents have work, and your siblings have their own stuff going on. This is perfect for a group message. Send them funny memes to sum up your day.
  2. If your family lives very far, have them send you postcards! This will warm your heart with all the cute things your parents will say since they have not seen you in months. (then when you’re back from school they are asking when move in is)
  3. Care packages! Ask your parents to send you care packages if they can! Ask them to include FOOD, school supplies if you’re running low, and some basic necessities!Just remember its completely normal for you to be homesick. Keep in contact with your family as much as you can. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you can’t make it home then, Winter Break will be here before you know it! You got this!