Where’s the sunshine?!?!

Howdy y’all, Ashley here!!

I hope you’re all having fun tucked under your hoods, raincoats, and umbrellas! Seriously, is it ever gonna stop raining?! I’m sooooo sick of this crappy weather!! I need SUNSHINE!!!! It’s Spring, isn’t it?!  TOMORROW should be nice and sunny, high of 63!! Friday & Saturday have high’s of 63 and a high of 70! Thank you for the sun, Mother Nature!! Well, that’s my little weather rant…

So March has eluded us once again. I feel like March is the month that doesn’t exist. You come into March worried about midterms, and you have so much work to do that you don’t realize it’s almost Spring Break. For one blissful week, you sit back and don’t worry about school work. Then BAM! It’s April! Where’d you come from, April!?!

Since March has seemed to sneak by us all once again, you might have a few questions bobbling around in that smart little noggin of yours.

1. What’s Ashley been up to?
   Oh, well. I’m so flattered you asked. I’ve been super, super busy lately! The week after Spring Break, I was pretty sick. I went to Health Services first thing in the morning! Make sure you call ahead for an appointment, that way they can better cater to your needs.  Call (978) 934-4991 to make your appointment! 🙂
I’m really super excited to tell you guys about the club I’ve recently joined. The Off-Broadway Players!!! It’s our UML’s Drama club! And this Spring we’re presenting to you lovely students — FOOTLOOSE!!! This show features awesome, fun 80’s themed music and dance. The shows are at the  beginning of May. If you’re looking for something to do, if you’re interested in theater or musicals, if you’re looking for a place to take your date, or you just want to support us — come see the show!!
Show Dates are
MAY 6, 7, 8, 9
6th- at 7:30 pm
7th – at 7:30 pm
8th – 2 pm matinee &  7:30 pm
9th – last show, 2pm matinee
You’ve got FIVE, COUNT ‘EM, FIVE different times to come see the show!!! You can see it once, twice….THREE times….FOUR TIMESS….or be our biggest fan and come see the show FIVE TIMES!!
Believe me, the show will be awesome, so you might wanna consider seeing it AT LEAST twice!!!
Well, enough about HOW AWESOME FOOTLOOSE WILL BE..COME SEEEEE ITTTT!!! Ahem…anyways…
2. What’s going on at UML??
The Adult Spelling Bee is on at the Fox Common tonight at 9 pm! This is definitely something I would check out!! I’m not sure as to what they will be spelling, but it sounds wicked cool. Check it out and let me know what happens!!
This Thursday, April 1st
Starts at 8 pm in the Fox Common!
  -MEISA/VPAC Concert Series: Makeout Party, Coalmine Canary, and others!
   Free concert featuring campus bands and other local Boston-area acts at the Fox Common!
So keep reading the blog to be filled in on campus & ask us any questions you have!!!

Have an awesome week, guys!

– Ashleyyyyyy

The Importance of Being Honest

Hey guys!

An “incident” here on campus today inspired me to write this blog to you guys. Today, I went all the way to North campus to attend a class that was actually meeting on South. By the time I got back to the correct campus, class was 45 minutes over, so I couldn’t go. Here is where the honesty part kicks in. Right away, I decided to email my professor and explain the situation. He wrote back and appreciated letting him know that I missed class.

The moral of this story (besides that I need to look at my planner more carefully), is that letting your professors know when you can’t make it to class can sometimes be a good thing. It is important to attend classes- after all, you are paying for them and skipping them is a waste- but some professors really appreciate knowing whether or not you are there.

When I was a freshman, I was always very skeptical of emailing my professors. I now know that some professors really do mean it when they say that want to help you- so don’t be shy!

Of course, this advice in letting your professors know when/why you are missing class should be treated with care- although most professors are very friendly and willing to talk to you, some simply won’t care. Don’t take it too personally, though- just try and stay honest. You’ll feel like a better student.

I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more…

Hello all!!
             Ben here, coming to you with the latest in Poke-technology!  So, a few weeks ago, I went to the game store and bought myself a shiny new copy of “Pokemon – HeartGold” which is a remake of “Pokemon Gold” for the DS.  Let me tell you, the game only got better.  There’s nothing like running around the poke-world and catching yourself a mess of pokemon.  
            The game came with this nifty little poke-walker which you can use to transfer your pokemon from the DS to the poke-walker.  Then the more you walk, the more experience your pokemon gets!  It can even level up from the stroll.  You can even go to different areas to catch different types of pokemon!
Now, what really excites me is this April, there is an event at Gamestop that allows you to unlock the “Yellow Forest” on the pokewalker.  This particular forest is riddled with Pikachu’s of all sorts of sizes and shapes!  But the most exciting part is, after the poke-walker logs over 9000 steps, you get a chance of running into a Pikachu with flying or a Pikachu with surf!
So grab your friends, grab some pokewalkers, and take this opportunity to walk around downtown Lowell and double it as a chance to discover your surroundings.  You can even stroll around the track at the Rec center!!!  I don’t care where you go, just walk!  It’s as simple as that.
Gotta catch em’ all!

Rain, Rain, Get Out Of My Life!!!


So I believe that the rain is the worst thing ever.  Especially when it happens for two days in a row and YOU KNOW its going to happen for a third day.  The only time rain is O.K with me is if I have no where to be a.k.a not have to go outside…for anything.

I am glad I got that out…Now for some stuff that matters!

As Mary had mentioned in a tweet earlier today, make sure you are all signed up for the UML Alert System so, if by some chance there is a flood day, you will not be the silly student wading through the campus wondering why no one is around.  This can all be done through your ISIS account just follow the link in the right hand column that says “UML Alert System”.

The Movies That Rock series is still alive and kickin’ and this weekend it will be “Up In The Air”.
It will start Friday at 8PM on South Campus in O’Leary 222.  Saturday it will be on East in the Fox Hall Common and Sunday in the ICC Ballroom.  I have never seen the movie but I am sure it is good and what better way to prepare for a hectic week of classes than to sit and watch a relaxing movie.  Or a wild movie.  I don’t know because I have never seen it.


Tonight the Adult Spelling Bee will be happening in the Fox Hall Common.  The event starts at 9PM and will go to around 11PM.  You may be able to sign up and participate there if you show up early enough or you can just sit back and watch I am sure it will be pretty funny….and maybe dirty!  No children allowed probably.

Unfortunately the “Gotta Be Here” calendar is down and is not available for you all to gander at and see for yourself what is going on.  On the other hand, I cannot access it either!  Sooooo…keep your eyes peeled for flyers, tweets, and blog posts about things going on so you have the IN on whats happenIN‘!

Alright I’m Done,

Rainy Days are here again…

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Feeling down about the rain? Don’t know what to do with yourself? Well i know just how you feel. As much as i love the rain, it makes it almost impossible to get anything done. Anything outside, that is. But since we live in a state where it rains and snows and sleets and hails…i’ve slowly begun to find activities to keep me pre-occupied. First things first, getting all that work you’ve been putting off out of the way. You know what i’m talking about. That paper that’s due in a week that you’ve had a month to work on? Or that huge project that makes up 75% of your grade that you figured you’d finish up the day before and pray that you pass the course? Or that thing your mom/dad/boss/teacher/friend/whoever asked you to do a month ago and you’ve been putting it off? Yeah, those are the ones i mean. Get them done now! There’s no better time than a crappy day when you’re stuck in your room to finish off those projects that have been pushed to the back of your mind. And you know what else you can do? Clean up that messy room before the hazmat team has to be called in to evacuate all living inhabitants. Organize and do things to make your life a little neater because it’s scientifically proven that it will make you happier. You know what’s fun? Labels! Oh yeah, you heard me, make labels when you’re cleaning your room so that you know where everything is. How exhilirating is that? Image and video hosting by TinyPic
For those of you who are thinking i’m crazy, or those of you who have already gotten all of this done, there are still things for you to do. Read that book you’ve wanted to read for the past few weeks. Or go to Hulu and catch up on all of those television shows you’ve wanted to watch. You know what? Sit down and watch every season of Lost if you have to just so you know what your Lostie friends are talking about. Who is this mysterious Richard character they’re all swooning over? Or if you want something cheerful, there is always Glee! I mean…new episodes are starting soon. Why not watch past episodes just so you can figure out what everyone is singing and why it’s so important not to mess with Sue Sylvester. If those things don’t interest you, then throw a party. Get some friends together. Order chinese or pizza or whatever you fancy, and watch a good movie. Or even a jam session. Whatever interests you, go ahead and do it. Rainy days like these are good chances to explore what you might not have otherwise been able to do on a beautiful sunny day.
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Campus Events!

There are many events happening on campus between now and the end of April! Whether they’re academic or social, you definitely have options to pick from!

Career Services drop-in hours
-3/30, 6-9pm in the Fox Hall Lobby
-3/31, 10am in the O’Leary 222 Foyer (right outside the room)
-3/31, 6pm, ICC lobby
-4/01, 10am-3pm, Southwick 240 (Career Services office)

Music on the Merrimack- 04/01 @ 730pm. Durgin Hall
As part of the Music on the Merrimack concert series, The Borromeo String Quartet. Master classes are held the same day in Durgin Hall from 1 to 2:45 p.m. Concerts and classes are free and open to the public.

Food Drive – 04/06
Last day to help. If you were hungry, wouldn’t you want to be fed? Please help by bringing non-perishable foods, including canned foods. The food will be dropped off at the House of Lazarus. Sponsored by the Spanish Club. Drop off locations are: South Campus Library, McGauvran Hall lobby or Coburn Hall Study Hall

Peace and Pizza – 04/06 @ 1230p. Durgin Hall
Peace and Conflict Studies Institute’s Annual “Day without Violence.” Come to learn about Peace Education. Come for Pizza! The event is free.

Lowell Film Festival Opening Soiree – 04/08 @ 530pm. Caffe Paradiso (downtown Lowell)
Third annual Lowell Film Festival April 8-10. Theme this year is films of the 1930s. Musicals, fun movies, serious flicks too. All events are free and everything will take place in downtown Lowell with the exception of the Saturday night film at UMass Lowell. Tonight: Opening night soiree with a 7 p.m. screening of “Jezebel,” starring Lowell’s own Bette Davis!

Talent Show – 04/21 @ 730pm. Durgin Hall
5th Annual Music Education Club Talent Show, a student-run production featuring UMass Lowell students of all majors while acting as a fundraiser for the Music Education program.  Cash prizes are awarded to the top three acts!  Music Majors get recital credit!
Take Back the Night March – 04/22 @ 6pm. Lowell City Hall
UMass Lowell, Middlesex Community College, Lowell Community Health Center, Rape Crisis Services of Greater Lowell and many other agencies for a night of empowerment. Speak out against sexual and domestic violence by showing your support for the march.


 Annual Spring Fling – 04/23, 6pm- midnight. ICC Ballroom

Annual Spring Fling, sponsored by Engineering Student Council. All UMass Lowell students welcome! Italian Buffet dinner. DJ and dancing. (please bring your ID) Tickets are $15/one or $25/two and can be bought in the Dean of Engineering’s Office, Kitson 311 OR from any Engineering Student Council member.

Student Research Symposium, 04/27
The 13th Annual UMass Lowell Student Research Symposium. Activities highlighting outstanding student research include poster sessions, panel presentations, and interactive demonstrations. 
Dancing with the UML Stars, 04/28 @ 7pm. Cumnock Hall
The 3rd annual Dancing with the UML Stars hosted by the Ballroom Dance Club features real, live faculty, staff, and students learning how to ballroom dance with members of the club! Students are free with an ID, but donations are welcome to support the Make a Wish Foundation.  To learn more visit www.umlballroom.org.
Drake Concert – 04/29 @ 630pm (students); 7pm (public). Tsongas Center
Home Away From Home Tour Featuring Drake / K-OS / Francis and The Lights. Students $15 (Tsongas Center Box Office only) Limit 2 per UML ID. Public $25 at www.ticketmaster.com Limit 8 per person. Fees apply. General admission.

 Go to as many or few events as you want! Just know that when you say your “bored” or “I don’t have anything to do” go ahead and look at the calendar of events and there’s bound to be something that you want to do or are interested in! Have a great day and stay dry!


Art art art!

Hey guys! Shayna here. 🙂
If you didn’t know, the art department here at UML is bustling! If you’re interested, there will be an artist talk this afternoon in the McGauvran Gallery on the first floor [down the stairs, not up the stairs towards the Broadway and Wilder commuter cafe!]. Art students can use it as extra credit for the classes [if your professor allows it], and is required for some courses, so be sure to check it out!

Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming shows! There’s always something going on, and always great artwork on display! It’s also a good opportunity to explore something you may not normally do too. 🙂

Living On Campus!

Wanna live on campus next year?! Did you enjoy living on campus last year? Do you want to move from home to on campus?! Anything is possible!

First Step: Housing Deposit
Get your housing deposit in AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! The deadline is April 23, but the sooner you can get the money in, the better. The deposit is $200 and you must turn in your housing contract with your deposit. If you have not yet recieved a housing contract for next year, extra copies are available in the Office of Residence Life.

Second Step: Beat the System
The Office of Residence Life is raffling off the first 10 room selections on Wedensday April 14! AWESOME! If you win, you could have the chance to live anywhere you like! Also, the Office of Residence Life staff will be at this event, so if you have any questions, this is the place to get answers!

Third Step: Room Selection
This part isn’t for a while, but eventually you will have the opportunity to put your housing preferances for next year in the online housing gateway. Stay tuned, your RA or RD will have more information soon. Also, if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask them! If you live at home, you can call the office of residence life at (978) 934-5160.

Thats all for now!

student appreciation day!

Happy student appreciation day everybody! If you can’t guess that means you, the student, is getting appreciated by UML! For this special day, CAPA has organized a whole lot of activities and give-aways for the students. They are giving away a whole lot of stuff, which is always awesome. There are different A LOT of different activities to do, which include making sand-art sculptures. You can also get your picture taken within a cereal box and create your own cookies! SO DON’T MISS OUT and go over to Mcgauvran before it ends!


Summer is upon us!

Well, maybe last week it was when we got to soak up some sun on those lovely 70 degree days! [Hope everyone enjoyed their spring break!] But the summer is gonna be here faster than you think. With everything going full spring, when May hits, you’re gonna wonder why time flew by so fast!

In preparing for summer vacation, if you’re interesting in finding work, be sure to apply early! Summer positions, when available, are usually always filled come summertime. Put in loads of applications, and prepare your resume [if the job requires one] ahead of time!

If you’re looking to take summer classes, you can get more information here: http://continuinged.uml.edu/
They are an additional cost, and are not covered by tuition or fees. The schedule should be up soon! If you are interested in taking a summer course, also bring it up with your advisor when you have your meeting for signing up for classes for next semester! [Be sure to meet with your advisor!]

Anyhoo, have a nice day everyone!