Where’s the sunshine?!?!

Howdy y’all, Ashley here!!

I hope you’re all having fun tucked under your hoods, raincoats, and umbrellas! Seriously, is it ever gonna stop raining?! I’m sooooo sick of this crappy weather!! I need SUNSHINE!!!! It’s Spring, isn’t it?!  TOMORROW should be nice and sunny, high of 63!! Friday & Saturday have high’s of 63 and a high of 70! Thank you for the sun, Mother Nature!! Well, that’s my little weather rant…

So March has eluded us once again. I feel like March is the month that doesn’t exist. You come into March worried about midterms, and you have so much work to do that you don’t realize it’s almost Spring Break. For one blissful week, you sit back and don’t worry about school work. Then BAM! It’s April! Where’d you come from, April!?!

Since March has seemed to sneak by us all once again, you might have a few questions bobbling around in that smart little noggin of yours.

1. What’s Ashley been up to?
   Oh, well. I’m so flattered you asked. I’ve been super, super busy lately! The week after Spring Break, I was pretty sick. I went to Health Services first thing in the morning! Make sure you call ahead for an appointment, that way they can better cater to your needs.  Call (978) 934-4991 to make your appointment! 🙂
I’m really super excited to tell you guys about the club I’ve recently joined. The Off-Broadway Players!!! It’s our UML’s Drama club! And this Spring we’re presenting to you lovely students — FOOTLOOSE!!! This show features awesome, fun 80’s themed music and dance. The shows are at the  beginning of May. If you’re looking for something to do, if you’re interested in theater or musicals, if you’re looking for a place to take your date, or you just want to support us — come see the show!!
Show Dates are
MAY 6, 7, 8, 9
6th- at 7:30 pm
7th – at 7:30 pm
8th – 2 pm matinee &  7:30 pm
9th – last show, 2pm matinee
You’ve got FIVE, COUNT ‘EM, FIVE different times to come see the show!!! You can see it once, twice….THREE times….FOUR TIMESS….or be our biggest fan and come see the show FIVE TIMES!!
Believe me, the show will be awesome, so you might wanna consider seeing it AT LEAST twice!!!
Well, enough about HOW AWESOME FOOTLOOSE WILL BE..COME SEEEEE ITTTT!!! Ahem…anyways…
2. What’s going on at UML??
The Adult Spelling Bee is on at the Fox Common tonight at 9 pm! This is definitely something I would check out!! I’m not sure as to what they will be spelling, but it sounds wicked cool. Check it out and let me know what happens!!
This Thursday, April 1st
Starts at 8 pm in the Fox Common!
  -MEISA/VPAC Concert Series: Makeout Party, Coalmine Canary, and others!
   Free concert featuring campus bands and other local Boston-area acts at the Fox Common!
So keep reading the blog to be filled in on campus & ask us any questions you have!!!

Have an awesome week, guys!

– Ashleyyyyyy