The Importance of Being Honest

Hey guys!

An “incident” here on campus today inspired me to write this blog to you guys. Today, I went all the way to North campus to attend a class that was actually meeting on South. By the time I got back to the correct campus, class was 45 minutes over, so I couldn’t go. Here is where the honesty part kicks in. Right away, I decided to email my professor and explain the situation. He wrote back and appreciated letting him know that I missed class.

The moral of this story (besides that I need to look at my planner more carefully), is that letting your professors know when you can’t make it to class can sometimes be a good thing. It is important to attend classes- after all, you are paying for them and skipping them is a waste- but some professors really appreciate knowing whether or not you are there.

When I was a freshman, I was always very skeptical of emailing my professors. I now know that some professors really do mean it when they say that want to help you- so don’t be shy!

Of course, this advice in letting your professors know when/why you are missing class should be treated with care- although most professors are very friendly and willing to talk to you, some simply won’t care. Don’t take it too personally, though- just try and stay honest. You’ll feel like a better student.

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