April Showers bring May Flowersand lots of fun things at UML!!!

Hello all and happy April Fool’s day! I hope you all celebrate it with a good prank on your friends or family. Remember, you’re never too old. 🙂 As some of my fellow bloggers have said, this dreary weather is on its way out and sunshine is on its way in! So let’s wave goodbye to the rain for a little bit and bring in the beautiful weather! 
This weekend is going to be fantastic, bringing ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Maybe you could go downtown and enjoy a cup of coffee while breathing in the fresh air, or you can go to the rec center and borrow a rec-cycle for a pleasant ride along the mighty Merrimack River. 
The first week of April has a lot of exciting things planned for your entertainment. On Tuesday April 6, the Fox Common is hosting RED SOX NATION! Red Sox  vs. Yankees. There will be FREE hot dogs and soda to anyone who goes!!! That sounds like a good deal to me. It’ll be as if you’re at Fenway with all the excitement of opening day.
If anyone is looking for last minute Thursday night plans check out the show that is playing at the Fox Common tonight. It features the talent of Makeout Party, Coalmine Canary and others and starts at 8pm. 
Well that is about it for now. Enjoy your weekend, the weather, and any pranks you pull off.