Summer is upon us!

Well, maybe last week it was when we got to soak up some sun on those lovely 70 degree days! [Hope everyone enjoyed their spring break!] But the summer is gonna be here faster than you think. With everything going full spring, when May hits, you’re gonna wonder why time flew by so fast!

In preparing for summer vacation, if you’re interesting in finding work, be sure to apply early! Summer positions, when available, are usually always filled come summertime. Put in loads of applications, and prepare your resume [if the job requires one] ahead of time!

If you’re looking to take summer classes, you can get more information here:
They are an additional cost, and are not covered by tuition or fees. The schedule should be up soon! If you are interested in taking a summer course, also bring it up with your advisor when you have your meeting for signing up for classes for next semester! [Be sure to meet with your advisor!]

Anyhoo, have a nice day everyone!