Halloween Safety Tips!

Hello friends and long time no see! I hope you found the newsletter be a helpful and enjoyable read, I know I had a blast writing it.

We are very close to All Hallows Eve most commonly known to all of us as Halloween. For all of you as college students Halloween generally means crazy costumes, awesome events on campus and hopefully a safe night of hanging with friends. It is so easy to not be safe with all of the craziness of a college campus so here are some safety tips as well as events happening on campus that will make your Halloween a safe and fun night!
  1. Travel in Groups: It might sound simple but you would be surprised at how many people travel alone on a night in which we statistically have the most visitors/strangers on campus. I would love to believe that people are generally good but we need to be cautious about the exceptions in humanity. Traveling with a group of your friends makes you infinitely safe and is probably a lot more fun! If you do go to meet people alone make sure you let someone know when you leave so that a person you trust knows where you are.
  2. Costume Functionality/Self Awareness: Crazy costumes are fun and will definitely generate some laughs but make sure you can function as a human being in them. If you can’t walk in heels and you need to walk across campus to hang with some friends it would probably be a good idea to wear some different shoes. Same applies if your costume is so big it keeps you off balance or you can’t see well because a part of it covers your head, Safety first guys! their are a lot of drunk drivers out on October 31st, you don’t want to raise your chances of getting into an accident because of your super awesome over-sized M&M suit.
  3. Be Careful With Fake Props: While you and your friends may have coordinated costumes, strangers may not be as knowledgeable about your costume and its accompanying props, Do not carry fake weapons. Not only do you want to avoid scaring those around you  but you also want to avoid alarming the police who are on high alert for anything suspicious on such an active night on campus
  4. Be Aware of What You Consume: If you are hanging out with people who you are not as a familiar with avoid any fishy food or drink. Avoid punch bowls and hand wrapped/unwrapped candy. Again I like to see the best in everybody but it is better to be safe than sorry!
  5. Keep your Cellphone Handy: In case of emergency keep yourself on hand, not seven layers down through your costume!
Here are some awesome Halloween events happening on campus:
  • University Symphony Orchestra Halloween Concert, Thursday the 30th at 7:30 in the Durgin Concert Hall, bring your costumes!
  • Wicked Halloween Featuring Above & Beyond, Benny Benassi and many more artists Thursday the 30th at 7:30 in the Tsongas Center @ UMass Lowell
  • Safe Trick or Treat for the children in the community, Wednesday the 29th from 4 to 7 in Sheehy and Concordia Residence Halls.
Hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!
– Migs 

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