River Hawk Homecomming

Hey friends and happy Friday! It’s the first weekend of October, where the leaves are turning colors and the week of midterms is among us. I’m still in shock that the first month flew by! I just received the dates of all my exams and I’m starting to prep for the upcoming weeks. Always try to be ahead of the game friends! It’s good to be on top of things.

Other than midterms, October is full of amazing opportunities and events. One of them is River Hawk Homecoming! For those who are unsure of what its about, it is a yearly tradition for alumni and current students of a high school, college and University.This event gets confused for a formal dance, but that’s considered a prom. Homecoming is full of activities, sports events and cultural events that would happen throughout the weekend.  Fun fact- Southwestern University hosted the first homecoming celebration in 1909!

River Hawk Homecoming is new to the University. As UMass Lowell is expanding every year from new buildings, renovations and new students, its great to share this with alumni, too! From explanation above, there will be activities, cultural events and sports events where both alumni and current students can enjoy. This event will be from October 24th-26th. If you cannot make an event, it’s perfectly fine! There is a lot going on throughout the weekend. Feel free to look below to check out what’s going!

 Here’s a list of some events of River Hawk Homecoming:

UMass Lowell vs. University of Michigan & Michigan State University
Game vs. Michigan: October 24th, 2014 @ the Tsongas Center from 7-9:30 PM
Game vs. Michigan State University: October 25th, 2014 @ the Tsongas Center from 7-9 PM

16th Annual: Jennifer’s Family Fun Run/Walk
October 25th, 2014 @ Tsongas Center from 11 AM-12 PM

Athletic Alumni Games
October 25th- Women Soccer Alumni Game @ Cushing Fields from 11AM to 12 PM
October 25th- Softball Alumni Game @ Riverview Field from 12-2 PM
October 25th- Men & Women’s Basketball Alumni Game @ Costello Athletic Center from 2-4 PM
October 25th- Hockey Alumni Game @ Tsongas Center from 3-4:30 PM

Campus Tours
October 24th- 40th & 50th Reunion Tours & UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center from 2-4 PM
October 25th- Now & Then Campus Tours from 2-6 P.M (Across Campus)
October 26th- Open House @ Tsongas Center from 9:30 AM-1 PM

Hawkey Way**
October 25th, 2014- Outside of Tsongas Center from 2-6 P.M.

If you’re interested in more events happening throughout the weekend, click here.
If you are also interested in buying tickets and packages, click here.

Hope to see you all there! Have a good weekend everyone!