A Week Full of Fun Events!

Hey friends and happy Friday! It’s half way through the semester and now transitioning from sweater to coat weather. Sooner than you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving weekend!I’ll back track a little bit… It’s t-minus 7 days until Halloween. Fun fact: Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

For those who don’t celebrate Halloween, there are events happening on campus that are non-holiday related. There are events on campus for those who would like something to do on Halloween, too! UMass Lowell is an inclusive community for everyone attending the University. Here are some events listed below with a description about them!

For those who are unsure of what “the Commons” is, it is Fox Commons that is located on the firstfloor of Fox Hall on East Campus. The Commons is an area where everyone in the University is invited to hangout, get food or participate in events hosted by a club or student workers. There are events every week. Just drop right on by!

These are more geared towards Halloween. If you’d like to pass by anytime, feel free to do so.

If you like to watch movies, a big marvel fan or would just like to do something Wednesday night, Guardians of the Galaxy is getting screened at Moloney Hall at University Crossing!  The movie is about a group of space criminals must work together the fanatical villain Ronan the Accuser from destroying the galaxy.

If you would like to watch the extended version of the trailer, click here!

On the bottom left, there is another event in Fox Common that’s host by Student Government Association. If you’d like to sing, watch people sing or get some food! It’s from 8-10 PM on Thursday, October 30th and food will be provided!

On the right, UMass Lowell’s Music Department’s University Orchestra is having their Halloween concert! It starts at 7:30 PM at Durgin Concert Hall at Durgin Hall, South Campus. You can take the Red Line to South Campus and it’s the building next to the Hess Station. It’s free and open to the public. You can dress up if you’d like!
Note: These two events are within the same time frame. Feel free to go to either or to both!

The ICC is the Inn and Conference Center in downtown Lowell. This residence hall is a hotel style set up with residence hall furniture. To get to On Thursday, the ICC is having a magician come and have a show from 7-8 PM. It is $5 for students and $10 for faculty and staff. For more information, please call the ICC at 978-934-6920.

On Halloween night, there are two great events! You can swing by University Suites, which is down the street from the East Campus bus stop. No One Left Behind is sponsoring Ghouls, Games and Giveaways. Feel free to dress up or just pass by if you have time. You can win some prizes!
From 6 PM to 1 AM, you can go to Soiree Elegance at Moloney Ballroom in University Crossing. There will be a 3 course meal, semi-formal dance and awards, a special guest . If you are interested it is $18 a ticket ahead of time and $20 at the door. There will be a red carpet, so dress to impress!
Alright friends. I hope you guys had a great week and try to swing by some events next week! 
Stay safe!
– T