Top 5 Halloween Costumes That Won’t Offend Anyone

Going to college can be a an eye-opening experience, and not just from an academic standpoint!  For many people, a college campus is the first time being exposed to so many people with different backgrounds, upbringing, and experiences.  With Halloween fast approaching, we must be sensitive to how our selected Halloween costumes may be perceived by others with different backgrounds.

Here’s my list of great Halloween costumes that are politically correct:

1. Ghost

We had to start this list off with a classic! Halloween costumes don’t get much easier than this, all you need is a bed sheet and you’ll have a delightful costume that everyone will love!

2. Bojack and Todd

Though this makes for a great couple costume, these costumes also work great individually! They are pretty easy to put together and you will get lots of compliments on your fun reference to one of the most popular shows on Netflix.

3. Mummy

This is a great DIY option for a Halloween costume! With just a little bit of effort you’ll have a great costume and everyone will know what you’re supposed to be right away!

4. Swamp Witch

Feeling creative? A Swamp Witch costume might be a great option for you! The best part is that there is no set standard for what a Swamp Witch has to look like; you can put your own spin on it! Feel free to experiment with different clothes, makeup, and overall looks!

5. Skeleton

Skeletons are a fun, classic, and spooky costume. There are many different ways to execute and put your own personality into the costume!

The ideas for Halloween costumes are endless, and remember, it costs zero dollars to be sensitive to the backgrounds of other people!