Meet Vilma Okey- Ewurum

Vilma is an international student. She’s a junior, Public Health major. She was an orientation leader for two years and now is an orientation coordinator. I asked her a few questions about orientation!

Q:How did you hear about applying to be an orientation leader?

A: I was walking in my residence hall and I saw a poster of Chris Jackson’s face. I thought this job looked fun and as an international student you cannot work anywhere other than on campus so it worked out!

Q: Were your nervous about being an orientation leader? If so, why?

A: I was nervous because pre-orientation I was relatively quiet and took a lot of time to warm up to people. I was very nervous about going up to people and talking to people I was unfamiliar with all day.

Q: What was your favorite part about being an orientation leader?

A: My favorite part was getting to meet new people. Bonding with staff and then bonding with students allowed me to make personal connections.

Q: What was a challenging thing about being an orientation leader?

A: Keeping my energy up throughout the day and as we got into later sessions.

Q: How does being an orientation coordinator differ from being an orientation leader? 

A: Its a lot more behind the scenes work, more planning and the biggest difference is that I don’t get students anymore.

Q: What are you looking forward to this summer?

A: I am looking forward to seeing the orientation program through a different perspective. My first year was different than my second year since i was a returner and now being orientation coordinator, i will see it in an even different perspective.

Q: Are you nervous about anything for this upcoming Summer?

A: I have more responsibility now and I really want to do a good job.

Importance of Office Hours

Image result for office hours memeFinals are less than a month away and you are JUST realizing you have no idea what has been going on in class all semester. You are panicking, you are reviewing materials, you are stress napping.. but are you meeting with your professor? Don’t be that person that waits until finals week to meet with the one person who knows what is going on! Meet with your professor a few times and you will see just how helpful office hours are.

Not sure where the office is or when they are available to meet? Think back, long, long ago on the very first day of class when your professor handed out a syllabus? And on that syllabus were his or her office hours! These are their available hours throughout the week that you can stop in and chat about what you don’t understand. Professors love when you stop by because it shows that you are putting in an extra effort to understand what they are teaching. Also, don’t hesitate on emailing your professor and schedule a set time or just email him for clarification! Your professors are here to help you!

Reflections of a College Senior

  1. People always say it’s okay to change your major, but forget to add that each major has its set of difficulties. One should change their major to match their passions, not their desired homework level. If that were the case, I would have majored in sleep studies (if only that were a thing).Image result for kim kardashian crying
  2. Graduation comes a lot quicker than you think. Be proactive. Look into the job market and what you’ll have to do to make it BEFORE senior year. Or do what I did and just change your career path! No biggie… *crying internally* 
  3. Senioritis is real! Avoid taking heavy course loads senior year if you can help it. I’m completing my Honors Thesis and I want to crawl in a hole, but the work isn’t even difficult! Imagine if I were taking Physics or something of that nature!?
  4. Make the most out of your experience. You don’t want to reach senior year and wish you had gotten involved on campus. I ended up joining the Step Team senior year and I also plan to go on a Campus Rec Adventure Trip- skydiving!
  5. Image result for meme when I should be sleepingSleep is very important. But you probably won’t do much of it unless you set your sleep schedule up for success. AKA don’t start online shopping at 3am. Yes, those shoes are awesome, but you won’t feel so awesome at your 9am class. TRUST ME!!
  6. Not knowing is okay. Wallowing in your self pity about not knowing is NOT okay. Seek out resources! There are so many at UMass Lowell. Just Google it!
  7. Learn to say “no”. This can mean no to relationships, playing video games the night before an exam, taking substances, joining clubs, etc. In the long run, your peace of mind is WAAAY more important. Trust me, escaping humans is very important to keep your sanity.
  8. Educate yourself outside of your major. This is why I joined the Honors College. Otherwise, I’d know a lot about proper weight lifting techniques and nothing else.
  9. Surround yourself with people who have traits you’d like to emulate because iron sharpens iron. If you find yourself in a group you want to be the opposite of- RUN AWAY! Unless they’re running on the track and you want to run to, then run with them.Image result for meme about best friends
  10. Have fun and slowly inch out of your comfort zone! I always say, “What’s the point of life if you’re not enjoying it?” Plus, along the way, you’ll find yourself, new friends, and a plethora of new experiences!Image result for comfort zone


…I would continue, but I have NOT been setting my sleep schedule up for success and it’s nap time!

Take Back the Night

Couldn’t get to any marches that were in Boston or Washington D.C? In our city, there will be a march dedicated to eradicating sexual violence. Join Lowell in its 13th annual Take Back the Night. THIS Thursday, April 5th, people are marching from City Hall, located in Downtown Lowell, to University Crossing! This will be an empowering rally with survivors and supporters coming together. Lowell is planning on taking back, so be there and embrace your voice for survivors, loved ones and supporters! 

Interested in volunteering? If so, contact!