DIY (Do It Yourself)

Hey friends!

It’s close to the end of the end of the semester… Can you believe it?! This semester is going faster than you know it. There’s only two and half weeks of the semester left and you all are off for break!

So, I wanted to do something different for a change. DIY’s (Do It Yourself) are projects that I LOVE doing. Being a college, I’ve always tried to find ways to save money whether its making it by hand or finding it cheaper somewhere else. Money doesn’t grow on trees and if it’s cheaper, why not?! I am an avid user of using the website Pinterest. This website gives you images of anything you type in the search bar. If you enjoying looking up random things, like photos or ideas, this website is for you!

As the weather is changing and the winter season is approaching, I thought it would be cool to have a DIY to make a scarf. This process will only take 30 minutes of your time. The only materials you need is your hands and 4 skeins(length of string that’s about 40m/130 ft/44 yd long and weighs .25 lbs) of bulky yarn.

Here’s the instructional video below:

If you are interested in looking at more images, for ideas or random things from Pinterest, click here
Well, that’s all for now folks! I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving Break and happy Friday!
Stay beautiful!
– T

Thanksgiving :Before, During And After

Enjoy your break!

Hello and happy Wednesday, or as I like to call it, Blog day! Next week is Thanksgiving, which means that all of you are very close to the end of your first semester of college. As exciting, or terrifying, as that may be you can take solace in the 4 glorious days of rest on the horizon.

For many of us Turkey Day is our first time back home from college and it can be Jarring for both you and your family. You have been staying up until 2 in the morning for three months, eating at all odd hours of the day and have not been told what to do since you left. They have been without there first born child for 3 months and have probably gotten used to not having a messy college freshman around the house. It will take some adjustments from both parties.

Your first thanksgiving home is always a unique experience, here are a few tips for before during and after to make it a positive, rather than a drag.


Yes, you have a break next week. I repeat NEXT WEEK, as in not this week. That means you most likely still have a thousand things to do for all of your classes.Turn in all of your assignments due before the break, you do not want to be cramming work in that you do not have to do during your relaxation time.
Make sure to let your professors know if you have any vacation or travel plans that cut into class time. If given the appropriate notice most professors will be extremely accommodating.
Make sure you pack only what you need to bring home and bring that same items back to school with you. It is no fun to be missing that extra pair of underwear with no quarters for laundry or missing that calculator you need for that Calc 1 test, no fun at all.
If you plan to work during winter break you should schedule any interviews or hours during this break so that everything is set, and you do not have to worry about those kinds of things during finals week.
Talk to friends back home and try to get everyone together before your home. That way everyone can see each other and no one is left out. Life gets complicated once you hit college, if you want to maintain those long term childhood friendships some effort will have to be put forth!


Relax! Take the time you need to recharge. Receive the tender love and care that your family has built up for you over the last 3 months! Eat all the home cooked meals you can, sleep in, this is your time to get ready for the final push of the semester.
If you have a test to study for or an assignment due the day you get back from break make sure you set an allotted time to do the work, get it done and out of your mind. Giving yourself the time to be successful includes “you” time.


All students come back from break physically, but many do not come back mentally. They return to their residence halls and classrooms with zero motivation and as a result their final grades suffer. Don’t let that happen! the last three weeks of the semester should be your most focused period of the semester. Come back from break ready to push yourself mentally to get those grades that you deserve.
I for one am definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving break and I hope you all are to! 
– Migs


Hey friends and Happy Friday!

I hope midterms and advising are in your favor. This can be one of the most tough times during the semester for college students and if it is, I wish you the best. On the bright side, you are one step closer to walking across the stage and receiving a diploma in the major of your choice!

Now, going back to advising, making a schedule is IMPORTANT. I can’t stress it enough because this is something you can schedule with the help of an adviser with your preference of time, day, professor and campus. Here are some suggestions below to help you out!

  1. Please, see an academic advisor. They are there to help you, whether its deciding what classes you would like to take or helping you make this schedule. If you’re not sure how to figure out who they are, check iSiS on the Student Center page and it says “Department Advisor” with their name under it. You can also email the Centers for Learning to schedule an advising meeting and they will help you as well. The email is: 
  2. Choosing classes can be overwhelming. However, you know yourself well enough to know how many classes you can take with homework and any other commitments outside of academics. This is something you can control, but make sure you have time for yourself, too! 
  3. If you need help choosing what classes, each major has academic requirements in order to graduate. It is divided up by semester for a four year plan and a credit amount for each semester. It is not required for you to follow exactly of what the paper says. Make sure you are taking each class that is necessary for you to graduate and check it off, so it’s one less thing you can worry about. 🙂
  4. Always have several options for classes! If there’s a class that doesn’t fit in your schedule, you have a list of others you can use and fit in.
  5. If you have other commitments outside of academics, factor them in with your schedule, too. It will help you stay organize and you can see what you’re working with.
  6. Pay attention to deadlines!! With each amount of credits you complete, you are able to sign-up for classes at a given date. If you would like to know the date, on iSiS look on the Student Center page where it says “Enrollment Dates.”
  7.  WHAT TIME IS IT?! This is a question you don’t want to ask yourself when leaving one class to go to another. When scheduling classes, always leave yourself a time gap in between to get to your classes on time, maybe print out a paper, grab a snack or get to class on time. I usually give myself a 15-30 minute gap with classes if its on the same campus. If its not on the same campus, give yourself an hour gap, you will be able to get to class early, get a few things and if there’s traffic, you have some time to yourself. Its whatever you prefer, but this has always worked for me.
  8. Make time for eating, ALWAYS. Your health is important!

I’m hoping this was helpful! It’s a lot of information at once. If you have any questions at all with scheduling or classes in general, feel free to talk to us with social media or email!

I hope you all have a good weekend! 😀


The Library: An Amazing Resource Everyone Should Use!

Hello friends, I hope you had an awesome weekend and took Veterans Day as a day to relax and decompress. A huge thank you to all veterans, they are the reasons we enjoy all of these amazing luxuries and freedoms.

As we approach Mid – November I am sure we are all starting to feel the end of the semester heat. Term papers are due, research projects are everywhere and you might be asking yourself : where is all of this information going to come from??

Wikipedia can only give me so much. 1: Wikipedia is not a reliable resource for serious academic work. 2: You have amazing online and offline resources at your disposal through the UML Library!

The online databases have thousands of  peer reviewed journals, articles and books that are available to you as a student here at UMass Lowell. Here is a step by step guide to getting to/using the databases:

Go to and click on libraries
Click On Databases 
Choose a search method

Use a keyword, title or author search to look up your information!

The library databases have amazing resources for what ever project you may have. If you need more assistance with how to use these databases to there full potential please visit this collection of tutorials and research guides pulled together by our wonderful libraries.

Good luck in the coming weeks!
– Migs

Sleep and Why You Need It!

He is definitely not getting enough sleep. 

Hello and happy hump-day friends! I hope all of your mid terms exams and projects went well.

When I arrived here at UML I was told by many an upperclassmen that there where three facets to college life: academics, social life and sleep. They would go on to say that you could only pick two of the facets and still function. There are only 5 weeks left until final exams, which means we will all be in a constant state of sleep deprivation until December 18th and that just isn’t healthy. In hindsight, my older friends where very wrong. succeeding in college is all about finding a balance and what is mentioned above is a perfect example of what an unbalanced lifestyle would look like. No one is here to sacrifice academics and one of the most important parts of college is to make friends and explore socially. Naturally the first facet to go is sleep, which actually is one of the most important things you need to do!

Sleep is important for so many reasons. It restores our energy, fights off illness and fatigue by strengthening our immune system, helps us think more clearly and creatively. It strengthens our memory, puts you in a good mood and allows you to perform at an elevated level throughout your day. Sleep is vital for us as to be able to function, not just inactive time that can be filled with other activities.
this student on the other hand seems relaxed and ready for finals! 
If your feeling the mental stress from your coursework sleep is most definitely a helpful simple remedy. Lack of sleep has been connected to depression, anxiety and an overall unhealthy mental health situation.
Relationships can also suffer. When sleep deprived, students will:
  •  have trouble enjoying activities that are typically fun 
  • have difficulty listening to what their partner or friends have to say 
  • become quickly irritated
All of these result in more conflict, stress and anxiety and will absolutely affect both your social life and your academics.
Overall you need balance. We cannot function without sleep, it is what powers all of our creative thoughts and activities and without it all other facets of our lives would suffer. Go get some sleep!
– Migs