Ever wonder what happens to some people who audition for american idol? Have you ever had a friend who has auditioned for American Idol or know someone? Well it’s a long process and many auditions before you actually get to see Jennfier Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson. Did you know?

Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum didn’t even make it past the preliminary auditions, meaning she never even saw Simon Cowell, now look at her, she has won 5 grammys for record and song of the year.

Amber Riley  also didn’t make it past producers and interns. Now she is on the Hit T.V show Glee

Colbie Caillat tried out not only once but 2 and still didn’t make it. She has won 2 grammys.

The point is you should try for anything because you never know what might just happen. Look at all the stars who didn’t even win American Idol and how famous they are: Daughtry, Kelly Pickler, Jennifer Hudson, Clay Akien, David Ararchuleta, and Adam Lambert!


Happy Birthday! Now Go Rescue Zelda!

Hello all fellow nerds who might be reading this.  Today is the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series. And if you loved these games as much as I do, I’m sure you remember playing them like yesterday.

Perhaps you recall racing that annoying countdown clock to beat a dungeon, or going through hours and hours of side quests just to collect all of the masks in: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Or maybe you remember risking your Gameboy by bringing it to school and hiding from the teachers while you played Link’s Awakening with a group of friends around you watching in awe.

 Maybe you didn’t know about Link and his adventures until the Wii came out? Well that is perfectly fine because Twilight Princess was amazing!

Perhaps he was your favorite character in Super Smash Bros?

No matter which one is your favorite, whenever you played a zelda game you were guaranteed one thing: Hours upon hours upon hours of mindless questing, weapons, trading for a crazy stupid strong sword, and kicking chickens only to have them all gang up on you and kill you.

Seriously… Don’t hurt the chickens… they are vengeful creatures.

So go enjoy today, maybe dust off some of your old zelda games, and have a great fun-filled EXCITING ADVENTURE THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY BEATEN SEVERAL TIMES.


~James (will be playing N64 all night)

Declaring a Minor

Interested in declaring a minor?? Have you thought about picking one up?
Here’s some information to put you on the right track!
Here’s a list of undergraduate minors:

Click on the links to take you to that specific minors page!!
Another way to find out more about minors is by using CLASS aka the Centers for Learning!
This link will take you to their website and show you all of the requirements of each minor!
Once you’ve thought about a minor you’d like to declare, talk to that department. It’s always nice to pop into their department office to get information straight from the source. 
To declare your new minor head over to the Registrars Office. Grab a Declaration of Minor form and have the department head fill it out! 
BOOM! Minor delcared. 🙂
Happy Minor shopping!!!


Are any of you guys getting really sick of this weather?! I AM! 

I don’t know about you, but I personally hate getting really excited for spring because it’s warm one day and then being sad because the next day it’s FREEZING out! 

Feb 24
Partly Cloudy 41°/32° 20 %
Feb 25
Rain / Snow 44°/21° 100 %
Feb 26
Mostly Cloudy 29°/20° 0 %
Feb 27
Snow Shower 33°/26° 40 %
Feb 28
Rain / Snow 45°/31° 70 %
Mar 01
Rain / Snow Showers 38°/22° 30 %

Just look at this weather! One day the high is 44 and the next only 29. Not to mention, it’s going to snow again! But I guess that’s New England for you. Hopefully, after I complete the 5 year masters program here, I can move some place warm and tropical! 🙂

And, hopefully it won’t get to this…again.

Remember, just think warm thoughts!


Ha if you are reading this you just experienced reversed psychology. Ever try and guilt your friends into doing something that they don’t want to do, by using reverse psychology? Well it happened to me last night.I was trying to convince my friend that we should go and see the Justin Bieber movie. I know why would you want to see some 15 year old kid who looks like a girl. I have no idea. Anyways I pulled the oldest trick in the book: REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY!!!!!!!! Yep that’s right, did it work of course not, he’s a guy what guy would want to see the Justin Bieber movie. BUT it can come in handy in some situations:

Anyways, you can use it in everyday life. Trying to get your room mate to clean there room, or take a shower. Convince your professor that you deserve a better grade (don’t know how that works but… can try.


     In case you haven’t noticed, our lovely school has a TON of different clubs on campus. There is everything from Student Government to the Fencing Club to the Ballroom Dance Club to clubs for almost every major!
If you’re interested in a certain sport, hobby, game, or talent…there may be a club already established for you to join!!

A list of clubs on campus can be found at:
If there is something you’re interested in having on campus, there is a way that you can make you’re own group!
Head over to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership on the 2nd Floor of McGauvran to pick up a form.
The forms you need to start a new club as relatively easy to fill out.  You need 10 signatures (including yours) of people who are interested in joining your club.  You also need to submit a constitution for your club.  This part will take you a little work to figure out, but if you have everyone interested helping you it’ll get done faster.  There are instructions in the form on how to create your clubs constitution.  You also need a faculty/staff adviser…so find someone willing to advise your club!
Once all of this is filled out, return the form back to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership.  The process can take a few weeks, so be patient. The SGA finance committee will get back to you as soon as they can.
Once you’re club is approved ( hopefully!!) you can start up doing all sorts of fun stuff!!
Speaking of new clubs…did you hear about the new UML Glee Club???
Well, if you like to sing, dance, meet new people, have fun, choreograph, play music, perform, etc…then this is a great group for you!!!
Join us on FB at:!/home.php?sk=group_165792160122048
Email us at:
Well, have a great week guys!!!

Acetic anhydride +salicylic acid yeild Acetylsalicylic acid

Do you know those weeks where nothing goes your way, your stressing out, and it seems like 24 hours a day isn’t enough time to do everything?! Cause I’ve been having that week for the last 10 days.. So I’ve decided that I should figure out some tips to help me get through this rough patch in the semester.

1. Make a To Do List, this way you know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. I love the huge desk calenders so that I can see everything thing a once.
2. SLEEP! Even if you don’t feel as though you have the time to sleep, do it! It is the best way for your body to re-energize and get ready for the next day.
3. Stay Positive! Yea, studying can suck sometimes but think about how awesome it will be to finish the exam and be done with studying. Or think about happy things like summer, ice cream, iced coffee, and your friends.
4. Laugh (: It has been proven to reduce tension, improves blood flow and the health of your heart. So rent a movie or hang out with James Ham (he loves making people laugh).
5. Most importantly breath. Lets face it: if we don’t breath, we won’t be able to do anything because we will die. But seriously, just talk a minute to breath and calm down. Remind yourself that you are totally awesome and everything will work out fine.

Hopefully you get through your exams without pulling out too much hair. And when in doubt, listen to Send Me on My Way by Rusted Root it always puts me in a good mood!

Your stressed out nerd,

I can… sta..y…aw…ake…..just……muf……….zzzzzzzzzzzz

EVERYONE enjoys naps.  If you are reading this and you are like “HEY JAMES, THAT’S A LIE, I HATE NAPS”. Well then you good sir (or madam) ARE LYING. Sleep has to be one of the greatest things ever to a college student.  I mean come on, we are put in lecture halls for 4 hours at a time, or we have a billion credits a semester, and it gets to the point where eating becomes “optional”.  Any time you can get sleep is the greats time of your life.  Even if its on for a few minutes.  But how much sleep is healthy for a night? It has been said 8-10, but I have also heard 7-9.  Lets just say 8-10 because those are even numbers, and this way you can get away with an extra hour of sleep.  ANY MORE THAN THIS ISN’T A GOOD THING. Too much sleep can lead to grogginess, and being very tired even though you slept for 12 hours.  But you learned that in third grade.  The real question is: “How long should one nap for?”.  The time that a lot of people recommend is actually 5-10 minutes.  Which doesn’t seem like that long a time, but a 10 minute nap can make you feel more refreshed.  Studies also show that you can get away with making it a 20 minute nap, but anything more than that, and you will just feel groggy and wish you never took the nap to begin with!

Sweet Dreams!


UMass System Increases Financial Aid

Hey all you money-struggling college students (much like myself!) How’s everybody’s week been? The days seem to fly by! I can’t believe it’s already mid-February!! Well, as the semester goes on and I get busier and busier, I’m noticing a decrease in the width of my wallet. I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences.
Well, for those of us drowning in student debt…there IS hope!! 

The UMass system has increased it’s Financial Aid contribution by 267%!! “The University of Massachusetts is allocating $130.5 million for student financial aid this year, the university announced today.” -Globe Corespondent

In the past, UMass has allocated around $30 million to assist students with financial aid. The UMass system knows how important a higher education is, which is why they are increasing the amount of financial aid. 

Well, I for one am excited about this! Who’s with me??

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!