Ever wonder what happens to some people who audition for american idol? Have you ever had a friend who has auditioned for American Idol or know someone? Well it’s a long process and many auditions before you actually get to see Jennfier Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson. Did you know?

Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum didn’t even make it past the preliminary auditions, meaning she never even saw Simon Cowell, now look at her, she has won 5 grammys for record and song of the year.

Amber Riley  also didn’t make it past producers and interns. Now she is on the Hit T.V show Glee

Colbie Caillat tried out not only once but 2 and still didn’t make it. She has won 2 grammys.

The point is you should try for anything because you never know what might just happen. Look at all the stars who didn’t even win American Idol and how famous they are: Daughtry, Kelly Pickler, Jennifer Hudson, Clay Akien, David Ararchuleta, and Adam Lambert!