I can… sta..y…aw…ake…..just……muf…f..in..s…….zzzzzzzzzzzz

EVERYONE enjoys naps.  If you are reading this and you are like “HEY JAMES, THAT’S A LIE, I HATE NAPS”. Well then you good sir (or madam) ARE LYING. Sleep has to be one of the greatest things ever to a college student.  I mean come on, we are put in lecture halls for 4 hours at a time, or we have a billion credits a semester, and it gets to the point where eating becomes “optional”.  Any time you can get sleep is the greats time of your life.  Even if its on for a few minutes.  But how much sleep is healthy for a night? It has been said 8-10, but I have also heard 7-9.  Lets just say 8-10 because those are even numbers, and this way you can get away with an extra hour of sleep.  ANY MORE THAN THIS ISN’T A GOOD THING. Too much sleep can lead to grogginess, and being very tired even though you slept for 12 hours.  But you learned that in third grade.  The real question is: “How long should one nap for?”.  The time that a lot of people recommend is actually 5-10 minutes.  Which doesn’t seem like that long a time, but a 10 minute nap can make you feel more refreshed.  Studies also show that you can get away with making it a 20 minute nap, but anything more than that, and you will just feel groggy and wish you never took the nap to begin with!

Sweet Dreams!