Hey all!

Sitting here trying to figure out what to write about, I came up with nothing. So I’m just going to give you world news updates:

How do you feel about monopoly? Have you played the new electronic version, with no cash but you have a debt card. I played the new version and my mind was so confused….just wait for it…. there’s this 10 inch COMPUTER in the center of the board, that roles the die, picks your chance/community chest card, and holds your cash. Are future?? Where is the fun in it that way….

Would you drink???

Yep the crazy world has done it, put your thanksgiving cravings ALLL in one bottle…
How about this??? What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?? IS IT LOBSTER?????

That’s right the world has created lobster flavored ice cream…

Last for all you Justin Bieber fans…they have FINALLY made the Biebertini

Don’t worry their is no Alcohol in it

Thats all for now ~STEF

Stressing out already??? Relax!!

        Not even a full month into the semester and everyone is already feeling the stress creep out it’s ugly little head. How is this happening already?! Well, adjusting from a month off of schedules and homework can seem pretty difficult. Some people come in refreshed from break ready to start anew, and others may feel a little over-whelmed. 

      I’ve been feeling the stress of this semester and I need to find ways to just relax! I’ve been doing some research and I found some ways to stay “cool” for the semester.
Fun Tip:
  •      Plan a weekend get away with your friends. Getting out of your environment can really reduce your stress level.
  •      Get together with some people you haven’t seen in a while. Make plans to visit your family or grab lunch with a pal from last semester that you haven’t seen around.
  •      Do something for yourself. If you like dancing, go crazy in your room. If you like shopping, head to the mall for a window-shopping session.  If you like movies, treat yourself to a movie and your favorite snack.
  •      Have dessert. I wouldn’t recommend in every meal, but every once in a while…indulge yourself in something sweet.
  • Listen to a power playlist of feel good music. Here’s my feel good songs.
    •  P!nk’s Raise Your Glass >
    • Chris Brown’s Yeah 3X >
    • N*Sync’s Tearin Up My Heart >
    • Destiny Child’s Say My Name >
    • Flo Rida’s Club Can’t Handle Me Right Now >
    • Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are >
   *Trust me, it’s a feel good list. Send us your feel good list if you have specific songs you like to jam out to when you’re having a crappy day.
When I was looking up  relaxation techniques, I stumbled across the Mayo Clinic’s website on relaxation. Here’s there tips:
  • Try autogenic relaxation. This is a technique where you use visual imagery and body awareness to reduce your stress. You can repeat  words or suggestions to help you relax. Imagine some place you find peaceful and then focus on your breathing.
  •  Try progressive muscle relaxation. This technique is when you tense up your muscles one at a time and release them one at a time. This causes you to become aware of muscle tension and relaxation. 
  • Try visualization. Sit or lie somewhere peaceful and close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a very calm, peaceful setting and let yourself feel all of the sensations of this place. If your visualizing a beach, feel the sand, hear the waves, smell the salt water. Bring yourself to a calm visual and take a journey.
      To see more about these techniques and other relaxation tips, go to

And if you are still feeling the stresses of this semester after trying your best, remember there are always resources available to you.

  • Head to your Resident Advisor or ask an Orientation Ambassador if they can help you out.
  • Go to the Counseling Center to talk to someone about your stress. 
    • They are located on South Campus, McGauvran Student Center, 3rd Floor across from Health Services. You can walk in to make an appointment or call  978-934-4331. They’re open weekdays from 8:30am to 5pm.
  • Head to the Rec Center to blow off some steam.
  • Talk to your advisor if your course load in over-bearing.
  • Join a club to start doing something you love.
There are a ton of different ways you can reduce your stress!!
Have a good, stress-free week!!

Winter Fun

Do you know how to ski or snowboard?! I never really learned how because I’m afraid of the ski lifts (I had a horrible experience, it’s painful to talk about). But I think I am ready to giving that ski lift a second chance and learn how to ski. But I have a feeling some of you UMass Lowell people don’t know how to ski either so I have a brilliant idea, let’s hit the slopes! Nashoba Valley is only 20 minutes away which makes it the perfect places for a day skiing trip. Nashoba Valley has different rates depending on when you want to go, if you go all day during the week it is $36 and on the weekend it is $46. Not a skier or snowboarder but still want to go enjoy the snow, try tubing! It is one of my favorite things to do in the winter and a 2-hour pass is only $25! So study this week so you can head to Nashoba Valley this weekend for a study break and some fun!

Your future Olympic skier,

Did you Know?

Hey guys!!!!!!

Did you guys know that the school recently bought the St.Joseph Hospital down the street from east campus. The 6 building was purchased for 6.3 million. The St. Joseph Hospital now called University Crossing will be connecting, North, East, South, and Downtown Lowell.  There are a number of different plans on what will be located in this building: police station, student services and activities, classrooms, faculty offices, food, court, and of course student housing….Alot of things are changing on campus…just wait and see..



Everyone wants to be famous! Well, now is YOUR CHANCE to get on the big screen!!
Campus Moviefest is coming back to UML!
When? March 1st at 12:00pm.
Where? McGauvran Student Center Student Lounge 2nd Floor
Wait…what is it?!?!
Well, let me tell you all about it!

Campus Moviefest is the LARGEST student movie film festival in the WORLD. 
     What happens is on March 1st, you and your friends head over McGauvran. Then you and your friends are given a ton of  gear to use for the week to create your amazing films. You get an Apple laptop equip with all of the coolest stuff to create a 5-minute film to enter into the contest!
Your film has the potential to win in these awesome categories:
Best Picture (invited to International Grand Finale)
Best Drama (invited to International Grand Finale)
Best Comedy (invited to International Grand Finale)
Best Social Justice Film
Viewers Choice

Here’s the time line for you!
MARCH 1ST– 12-5pm in the McGauvran Student Center 2nd floor lounge. Pick up all of your cool tech gadgets! ATTN: teams are up to 10 people, but as many people as you wish can be in the film!

MARCH 2ND, 3RD, 6TH – Tech Support: 12-4pm in the McGauvran Student Center 2nd floor lounge, and follow up calls from MovieFest personnel over the weekend.

COLLECTION TIME: MARCH 7TH in the McGauvran Student Center 2nd floor lounge (2-6pm)
The Star-Studded Movie Premiere…(YOU ARE THE STARS!)
March 24th in Cumnock Hall. Films will be shown, winners, announced and prizes given out!!!
Visit to sign up and visit the frequently asked questions section for more information. Email or call x5001 with any questions!!!
Alright my little Speilbergs, get out their and create some movie magic!! 

That time of year

Hey Guys!

Its that time of year that people either LOVE or HATE!!! If your single you feel more single then ever, if your in a relationship and your a guy the PRESSURE is on. That’s right its Valentines day. It’s hard to be single on a holiday (if you can call it that) that is all about love, and you are just trying to avoid it. When your in a relationship do you try and hint to your loved one romantic things like, flowers, candy and other items. If your a guy are you struggling to get something. Here are some tips for the single and the relationsips:

1. Don’t stay in
2. Grab a group of friends and create your own Valentines Day 
3. It’s just a “hallmark” holiday
4. do something special for yourself
5. Watch a movie and eat ice cream
1. Don’t forget to acknowledge the day and get something
2. Do something romantic whether it be getting a card or going out to dinner
3. Girls give your man a little something, they try
4. Flowers, candy they are nice, but give something different it shows you are paying attention
5. Make it special   
I hope these tips help. Let me know what your worst Valentines Day gift you received. If all fails watch this movie:



Orientation Leader Positions OPEN

      Well, hello again! Ashley here. So all of the Orientation Ambassadors that write these beautiful blogs, post on our fabulous facebook, and update our terrific twitter were all once ORIENTATION LEADERS. Mind blowing, right? Well, now it’s YOUR chance to become part of the Orientation Program!!!

Who can apply??

     Any student can apply to be an Orientation Leader, but there are some requirements!
     – 2.2 GPA

     – Good academic AND judicial standing
     – No summer classes (major conflicts with the work week!)
     – MUST be able to attend SELECTION WEEKEND – 3/5 & 3/6!!
       * If you do not attend selection weekend, your application WILL BE withdrawn.

What’s it like??
    If you’re interested in what the typical day for an Orientation Leader looks like, here’s 
   an example! This is an example of a Monday in the Orientation World.

     – Wake up and be ready for breakfast by 7:15am!
     – Set up for the session with particular assignments for the morning!
     – Help with checking in all of the freshmen students!
     – Head over to the welcome and introduce yourself to your group! (In this example, you
     have a Freshmen group!)

     – Use icebreaker games to get your group comfortable and to have fun!!
     – Take your groups to their sessions throughout the day! (Get to know your group..and
     have lunch & dinner!)

     – Perform in the skit!!! (which takes a lot of practice with your OL Skit Group!)
     – After the skit, you take your group to the Rec Center for the night!!
     – @ the Rec Center, you would have specific assignments!
     – Head back to the building you’re staying in with your Freshmen group!
     – Have a debriefing staff meeting and then head to bed!

So…that’s a BRIEF and SHORT description of a “typical” Monday session as an OL!

Have more questions???
     TONIGHT – At Fox Hall at 8PM or in the Link on South @ 8pm!!
     Thursday – At Eames at 6PM!!


Or you can pick up a paper application in DUGAN 104!!

So we hope you apply and are ready for an awesome summer!!!


My first blog!!

Bonjour! Je suis Meg et c’est ma première blog. J’ai jamais fait un bref, je suis très excités!! I realize that most of you don’t speak French but you should learn because it’s a really cool thing to learn and one way to learn is on Facebook. You never thought that someone would actually tell you that Facebook can be a teaching tool did you?! But it can. If you change the language of your Facebook, you will soon learn how to say common things such as “Home”, “Add as Friends”, “Messages”, and “Privacy Settings”. But Facebook can teach you even more than that, it can teach you how to have fun online while being safe. Sure, you’ve heard it all before that Facebook can be a scary place with random people looking through your pictures and friends. But the question is, have you changed your Facebook privacy settings yet?!?! That answer is most likely no, which is silly because we all know how looking through our best friend’s pictures can turn into reading a wall post on your friend’s old brother’s ex girlfriend’s best friend’s page.(confusing I know, but you know what I am talking about (: ) You might not admit that you do it, but let’s face it we all do it. So let’s change those privacy settings and not let creepy people see our pictures.

Still not convinced that you need to change you settings? Well think of the jobs that you might want one day, guess what! They will look through your facebook, twitter, and whatever else you have online. Wanna be an RA or Orientation Leader?! You won’t get it with if your default photo is you taking shots with your friends. Be smart! No one wants to get in trouble for this, so take 3 minutes to change your privacy settings. I promise it will be worth it!

Seulement deux jours de plus de classes cette semaine alors son le week-end! S’amuser!
Meg (:

The best time is now!

I was blissfully enjoying my tuesday afternoon, when WHAM! I got hit by a snowball out of no where.  When I went to go see who my assailant was, I too grabbed some ammo from a nearby snowbank. What I found was this:  IT IS CURRENTLY PERFECT WEATHER FOR A SNOWBALL FIGHT.  Due to all of the light rain we have been getting, all of that snow has melted and soaked up the rain and it makes perfect spheres of cold goodness.  So if you are looking for something to do this week, grab a couple of friends, make some forts, and seize the day! (Also, be safe… don’t put rocks or crowbars in your snowballs.)


~James (Lord of the Snow)

Punxsutawney Phil has done it again!

For all of you who haven’t stepped outside, looked out the window, or watched any sort of news broadcast: Winter has hit New England and it has hit hard. Snow has reached records highs in the past few weeks and it looks like Spring is never going to come. But this past Wednesday (the 2nd) we had the annual Groundhogs day. Now this “holiday” might not seem important to most of us because we don’t get school off nor do we have as much fun with it as we did in elementary school, but it is an important day for a lot of people in the United States. And this Groundhog day one of the most famous of the furry critters predicted that Spring was indeed on its way.
Punxsutawney Phil is the official groundhog of this celebration. The people of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania have been celebrating Groundhogs day since February 2nd, 1887. The legend claims that Punxsutawney Phil was originally named after King Phillip. Before being called Phil, he was called Br’er Groundhog. The people of Punxsutawney travel up to Gobbler’s Knob every year on the same day to see what the groundhog predicts for the weather. Now this might not sound exactly scientific, but the people of that town certainly believe that this prediction is 100% correct. Now some of the other things they claim to be true about the groundhog are a little hard to swallow, but it sure is a good story. For more information on Punxsutawney Phil check out his official site. Also take a look at the video of Phil not seeing his shadow. Let’s all hope this little guy was telling the truth. 😉
There are all sorts of weather predicting folklore besides the groundhog. Check out some them here. If you have any of your own you can respond to this blog. I’ll just sit here and hope for the best weather to come.
Signing off for now,
Storm  Daisy