Ha if you are reading this you just experienced reversed psychology. Ever try and guilt your friends into doing something that they don’t want to do, by using reverse psychology? Well it happened to me last night.I was trying to convince my friend that we should go and see the Justin Bieber movie. I know why would you want to see some 15 year old kid who looks like a girl. I have no idea. Anyways I pulled the oldest trick in the book: REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY!!!!!!!! Yep that’s right, did it work of course not, he’s a guy what guy would want to see the Justin Bieber movie. BUT it can come in handy in some situations:

Anyways, you can use it in everyday life. Trying to get your room mate to clean there room, or take a shower. Convince your professor that you deserve a better grade (don’t know how that works but… can try.