In case you haven’t noticed, our lovely school has a TON of different clubs on campus. There is everything from Student Government to the Fencing Club to the Ballroom Dance Club to clubs for almost every major!
If you’re interested in a certain sport, hobby, game, or talent…there may be a club already established for you to join!!

A list of clubs on campus can be found at:
If there is something you’re interested in having on campus, there is a way that you can make you’re own group!
Head over to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership on the 2nd Floor of McGauvran to pick up a form.
The forms you need to start a new club as relatively easy to fill out.  You need 10 signatures (including yours) of people who are interested in joining your club.  You also need to submit a constitution for your club.  This part will take you a little work to figure out, but if you have everyone interested helping you it’ll get done faster.  There are instructions in the form on how to create your clubs constitution.  You also need a faculty/staff adviser…so find someone willing to advise your club!
Once all of this is filled out, return the form back to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership.  The process can take a few weeks, so be patient. The SGA finance committee will get back to you as soon as they can.
Once you’re club is approved ( hopefully!!) you can start up doing all sorts of fun stuff!!
Speaking of new clubs…did you hear about the new UML Glee Club???
Well, if you like to sing, dance, meet new people, have fun, choreograph, play music, perform, etc…then this is a great group for you!!!
Join us on FB at:!/home.php?sk=group_165792160122048
Email us at:
Well, have a great week guys!!!