HEY everyone!!!!

Hope everyone’s first month here has been awesome!!!! How’s everyone’s first month of commuting or living here?? If your living here or have ever had a room mate. What’s your experience been like? Have you had any room mate issues. Now’s the time to vent. I remember my freshmen year I didn’t have the best of room mates. We had BAD communication skills. One of my room mates was smelly!! Another worked a lot (which wasn’t bad except she would do bad things with my smelly room mate. The other one was very nice just was way to open to her life.

Top Tips to being an AMAZING room mate

1. Do your LAUNDRY!!
2. Take a SHOWER every so often
3. Try and keep your stuff on YOUR side of your room
4. Don’t STEAL your room mates stuff (unless they say you can use it or have it)
5. Be CONSIDERATE of sleeping time

So try these tips. Have any more comment 🙂