Advising time! Spring is coming… quicker than you think!

Good afternoon y’all! So guess what? Advising is coming and in order to have a super awesome schedule next semester as well as making sure you are staying on track with you major curriculum you need to do a few significant things!

In order to meet with your advisor to go over your schedule and what to take to be set up for success you need to email him/her. You may be wondering, well who is my advisor? GREAT QUESTION! If you log into ISIS (go to and the link is at the top right hand corner) you will see on the right side towards the middle there is a box that says “advisor” and will have a name under it. If you click on the “details” link under your advisors name it will bring you to a page with all of their contact information. YAY! You need to email/contact your advisor to schedule an appointment. If you run into any problems with this part feel free to comment and we shall help you to the best of our abilities 🙂

When meeting with your advisor it is best to go in with some prior knowledge on what you need and what you would like to take. It just makes the process move quicker and also makes you look like you are on top of your game to your advisor (very impressive)! To do this you can go to This website is extra handy and outlines every class you need to take for your major!

I hope this helps! If you run into any issues or I am just confusing in how I explain let me know and I will help!
Have a fantabulous Tuesday! It is almost hump day! YAAA!
-Kayla 🙂