Tricks to succeed in a job interview

Interviewing is such a crucial part of the recruitment process, and also the most stressful parts of hunting for a new job. Depending on the job, interviews can take twenty minutes or span several days with multiple interviewers and an intensive screening process

In this blog, I will be sharing some common Tips and Tricks for Interview:

1. Research about the Organization:
Research about the company and the interviewers. It is essential to know the needs of the company.
2. Prepare list of questions you would like to ask:
Asking the question shows interest in the position and will also demonstrate the research you have done for the company.
3. Arrive Early:
Try to arrive 10 minutes early to the interview. It is necessary to be punctual.
4. Dress Professionally:
This is important as it presents a visual image that you are professional.
5. Maintain Eye Contact and show interest:
Maintaining Eye contact conveys Confidence and exhibit honesty.
6. Never Discuss about the money:
Its important that you don’t discuss about the salary until the job offer has been presented to you.
7. Follow up the interview with Thank you letter:
It is a courteous way to thank an interviewer for his or her time. It makes you look professional and thoughtful. It also gives your profile a strong impression.

Financial Aid!

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I know it’s been a while after the deadline has passed to file for Financial Aid. But this blog is about the quick overview of all things Financial Aid.   

Who to contact when you need help! 

If you are looking for any help related to financial aid, registration, student records and billing, you’re the one and the only go to place is the Solution Center. 

The Solution Center 

UMass Lowell 

University Crossing 220 Pawtucket St., Suite 131 

Lowell, MA 01854-5141 

Phone: 978-934-2000 

Fax: 978-934-2041 



NEW! UMass Lowell has launched the award-winning GetAnswers online video service! You can get answers instantly to all your financial aid related questions and much more 24/7 at  


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What you should know! 

Check out Your Guide to Financial Aid for information on financial aid programs available to you. 

This guide will cover the following areas in detail: 

  • Your Financial Aid Eligibility 
  • Understanding Your Award Letter and Types of Aid  
  • Federal Student Loan Programs 
  • Additional Financing Options  
  • What You Need to Know About the Verification Process 
  • Adjustments to Your Financial Aid  
  • Paying Your Bill 
  • Maintaining Financial Aid Eligibility.  
  • Student Responsibilities  

What you should do! 


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Planning spring Break!

Planning Spring Break

With the semester in full swing, Spring Break is probably the last thing on your mind right now. Breaks are pretty much relaxing whether if you are looking to visit places or even just planning to visit home. Now is the time when you can start planning for the Spring breaks.
So here are our small tips for planning your Spring Break vacay:

1. Discuss with your Friends or Family
Whether you are looking to go away or planning on staying home, communicate with your friends and family to let them know where you are thinking of going or include them in the planning process.

If you are planning to go away, answer the following questions for yourself:

Where would you like to go?

Can you afford it or not?

Will you drive or fly?

Are there any discounts you can take advantage of such as group discounts.

If you are planning to stay home, try planning one day trips, or go shopping.

2. Start Saving and Book
If you are planning to go away from your house, try to search for best flight and hotel deals online. Listed below are the sites where you can find the cheapest flight and hotel deals

Start planning your budget on how much you will be spending on food, drinks, as well as living and travel expenses. This will help you to keep track of your money and will give you an idea whether you need to cut back and prioritize. Remember to try and find all-inclusive trips to help save money on food, drinks and travelling expenses.

If you are planning to stay home, you will be thinking you can go on shopping sprees since you are saving on travel expenses. Right? However, we all know a trip to Target and CVS can end up being just as expensive as a trip to Punta Cana.

Let us know in the comment section below how you are planning to spend your Spring Break!


Freshman 15

Freshman 15

Everyone might have heard about the “Freshman 15”. Some of you might fear about the Freshman 15 reality but some might consider it a myth. I want to make it clear first that don’t stick to the number 15 as it is just a number that was made up but you might end up gaining 3-4 Lbs. While some of you might gain weight, some might even lose it. The reason for this change is mainly the Drastic change in the Environment, routine and living habits. In this blog, we will be looking some ways to avoid the Freshman 15:


Make use of the services provided by the Campus Recreation Center and the various Zumba, Spin and many other classes offered by them. If you don’t like any of those try swimming, biking or hiking.

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2. Stock Healthy Snacks

Instead of stocking Goldfish, Chips, Doritos or Cheetos go for healthy snacks like fruits, greek yogurt, hummus, whole grain cereal and some veggies. This is essential as late night homework or  stress can lead to binge eating.

3. Avoid the Soda and Sugary Food.

Most of us find this sweet treats easily at McGauvran, Starbucks or Subway. But try to avoid this instead go for some healthy options. The Soda is made full of sugar which can leave you gaining more calories so try to avoid it next time when you go for meat at Fox or McGauvran.

4. Eat slowly. 

Avoid This!

Yes, I get it that you have your class and you are in a rush but plan accordingly and spend enough time in eating. Te problem with eating fast is that you might end up consuming more calories before even realizing that you’re full. Research says that it takes twenty minutes for your brain to realize you’re full and send a signal of fullness, so take your time!

So,You can’t gain fifteen pounds overnight, just like you can’t lose fifteen pounds overnight. So, it is perfectly alright to eat your favorite foods and reach for seconds and thirds sometimes. Moderation and balance are what will help you enjoy your food and keep off those pounds!