Tricks to succeed in a job interview

Interviewing is such a crucial part of the recruitment process, and also the most stressful parts of hunting for a new job. Depending on the job, interviews can take twenty minutes or span several days with multiple interviewers and an intensive screening process

In this blog, I will be sharing some common Tips and Tricks for Interview:

1. Research about the Organization:
Research about the company and the interviewers. It is essential to know the needs of the company.
2. Prepare list of questions you would like to ask:
Asking the question shows interest in the position and will also demonstrate the research you have done for the company.
3. Arrive Early:
Try to arrive 10 minutes early to the interview. It is necessary to be punctual.
4. Dress Professionally:
This is important as it presents a visual image that you are professional.
5. Maintain Eye Contact and show interest:
Maintaining Eye contact conveys Confidence and exhibit honesty.
6. Never Discuss about the money:
Its important that you don’t discuss about the salary until the job offer has been presented to you.
7. Follow up the interview with Thank you letter:
It is a courteous way to thank an interviewer for his or her time. It makes you look professional and thoughtful. It also gives your profile a strong impression.