Dude, this Stress is Killing Me!

Yes, Midterms are quickly approaching!!

   But do not fret! Stress isn’t necessarily a BAD thing.
   In fact, eustress (or positive stress) is what causes excitement. There’s also acute stress (or temporary stress), which is what many people use to finish that paper that’s due at 11:59pm, when it’s 11:45pm. The negative side of stress is when you feel like it’s 11:58pm all day, everyday. This is chronic stress. This causes the continuous release of the hormone, cortisol. Large amounts of cortisol is detrimental to our cells. It often leads to mental health issues, cardiovascular disease, obesity, sexual dysfunction, irregular menstrual cycles, and hair and skin issues, including PIMPLES!
  If you feel tense and stressed out even after the exam and long after you’ve passed in your paper, seek help. Go to counseling services. Your health is too important!
    As a senior, I’ve had my fair share of panic attacks, meltdowns, and freakouts. To help myself, and now all of you, I wrote down Continue reading