Sticking to that New Year’s Resolution

Typical. Once again, you’ve made your New Year’s Resolution to tone up by Spring break and you’ve only driven past the gym ONCE. You know there are two recreational centers at UMass Lowell, but the thought of trying to lift weights or figure out the elliptical seems daunting. Plus, what if you run into a classmate? And they judge you?

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Starting a  healthy lifestyle does NOT have to be scary!

In fact, a simple way to stick to your resolution while making friends is to join a club sport or intramural.

Club sports are comprised of UMass Lowell students who practice together to compete against other schools. The University has over 30 active clubs that are always looking for new members.

Intramurals are comprised of Full time UMass Lowell students and faculty who make a team and compete against other UMass Lowell students and faculty. These intramurals are separated into 3 sections ranging from A to C. C-league is for those who are still learning and are there purely for fun. A-league is for competitive students who also want to have fun, but also want to win. B-league is for those individuals that are somewhere in-between. If you do not have a team, you can simply sign up as a free agent and any team that needs another player will “draft” you.

Club sports have a greater time commitment and is a bit more serious since you are representing the school. However, many of the clubs accept people who have never played the sport before including Rugby and Steppin’ In Unity.

Do not be afraid to reach out to the clubs on social media and ask them about their meeting times and ways to join!

Good luck! And get active!

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