Hey guys! Shayna here.
If you’re like me, you’ve got your next couple weeks planned out for finals, homework, and all that jazz! You have to remember to make time for FUN. EXCITEMENT. AND FRIENDS.
Finals are no fun if you’re constantly worrying about homework, and cramming your brain full of information for the upcoming tests. Yes, you should be working hard, but remember to make time for yourself to relax and spend time with friends!

Play Taboo! I played this game the other night, and it was GREAT. I never knew how fun that game could be, and I had a good time; even when I tried describing the word I was given by saying the word.

Go explore Lowell! There’s tons to do like Lowell Mill tours, shopping at one of the many boutiques or shops (Found, for instance! It’s a knick nack store with stuff you would find in an attic. You can get some great deals there!), eating at one of the restaurants downtown (Life Alive is a great vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurant by Van Gogh’s gear, a nifty art shop! There’s also Monkey’s, where you can get some really tasty ice cream),  or just walk around doing absolutely nothing.
Play video games! Get your Mario Kart on, or if you’re into zombie games, play some Left 4 Dead!

Whatever you do, do something that’s fun and helps you relax!

Because you don’t want to end up like this guy come finals time:
He wishes he had spent time relaxing between study sessions.