Use up your Riverhawk points before it’s too late!

This is an adorable picture of a puppy.

Hey guys! Shay here again!
If you’re anything like me, you like to eat. And the food here on campus isn’t too bad, isn’t it?
That’s right, it’s delicious!

Anyhoo, this is just a friendly reminder to let you all know to use up any leftover points you may have left on your account! While points carry over to the next semester, they do not carry over to the next school year. That would stink if you had $50 leftover in points, but lost it all!
If you’re finding yourself in this situation, you can use your points at any of the commuter cafeterias (Southwick or Broadway and Wilder) to stock up on things like water bottles, snacks, anything like that for the summer. I mean, you pay for the entire meal plan, you might as well use every penny of it! 🙂

And speaking of food, I have a book I’d like to recommend to all of you. A family member was reading it, and I ended up swiping it to read myself. It’s called “Eat This, Not That”. As college students, the temptation to eat on-the-go and quickly is all too common. This book has opened my eyes to just how bad (and surprising for some restaurants) or how good the food is for you at some restaurants! It gives you nutritional information and grades restaurants based on the quality of the food and how good/bad it is for you. It’s a super easy read, and it can really open your eyes to just what you’re putting into your body!
– Did you know that Applebee’s refuses to disclose nutritional information?
– Did you know that Uno’s lists only a fraction of the nutritional information in your actual meal? (It advertises one serving, when you could actually be eating up to six!)
– That Subway posts calorie counts for sandwiches without cheese, condiments, or other additives? (It’s just the sandwich + vegetables).

It’s a good read, and I would definately recommend it!
Alrighty Riverhawks, have a fantastic weekend! (And I hope you’re pumped for Spring Carnival coming up!!)

Warm Weather Shenanigans

It seems like yesterday that we were starting class again, running across the bridge to avoid the cold and bundling up to walk from class to class.

Now it’s like a whole different campus outside! Everywhere you go there is someone outside, people relaxing in the sun, and people spend time walking to class. Now that the weather is so nice, you may find yourself wondering, “What can I do with all this nice weather and free time?”


  • All sporting events (except for NCAA tournaments) are FREE with your UML ID. That’s right. Baseball, softball, track, crew! You can find the schedule of games online here:
  • Spring Carnival is coming up! That’s right April 29th and 30th! So that means next Wednesday is a Friday scheudle and there is no class on Friday! On top of the events hosted by CAPA, each residence hall will be hosting events, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Spring Fling is on Friday! So if there’s that special someone in your classes make sure you get your tickets! Talk to Betti Fortin in the Dean of Engineering Office to get your tickets!
  • The Off-Broadway Players are working hard on their annual musical! This year they are putting on FOOTLOOSE on May 6, 7, 8, and 9. Buy your tickets online at:
  • The CRC is hosting a variety of outdoor events and programs! Check them out!

Thats all for now!

Where did all the talent go?

As most of you might know from the signs that were put up and just general word of mouth, today was supposed to be the annual UML MENC Talent Show. There were supposed to be great acts, all kept severely hush hush, and wonderful judges and MC’s.
As you can see, I am talking in the past tense…
Unfortunately, the MENC Talent show has to be postponed due to the fact that Durgin lost power this morning. Now, you might all be wondering when it’s going to happen and the answer is…I don’t really know. The MENC Representative is currently working with the school to figure out which day in the near future is free.
Due to the power outage that means there will be NO concerts in Durgin today. No practicing in the building…no jam sessions…nothing. 🙁

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But! Tomorrow at 730, the University Orchestra is performing a wide selection of cinematic pieces. From Harry Potter to Hunt for Red October, the Orchestra touches almost every single movie genre there is. You even get a bit of horror with their rendition of psycho.
Don’t be a critic, stop by tomorrow in Durgin Hall to hear them play!

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Link prepares for battle with his finals
for the Spring 2010 semester!
Hey guys! Shayna here. 🙂 We have less than one month left until the last day of the semester! (May 20th)  The rest of the semester is gonna fly by wicked fast, and before you know it, it’s gonna be summer! Depending on the courses that you’re taking, your professor may either tell you when your final is, or (most likely) you’ll have to find the final on your own.
Need the list of all upcoming finals? Well, here you go!

Finals start on May 14th, and are going until May 20th.

Make sure you know when your finals are, and be sure to pencil them in your planner!
Finals can be a very stressful week, so be sure to take advantage of all the resources you have at your disposal. The tutoring center will be more that happy to help you out if you need help with final college writing papers or studying for that big exam you’re all so thrilled to take. 🙂

This is how you’ll feel after finals week is all done. 🙂

Good luck everyone! <3

     Is your room filled with things you just don’t use anymore? Would you need a map to navigate the chaos of your basement? Well, UML has the event that’ll help you clear out your clutter!


The Great, Big, Fabulous Lowell Community Yard Sale

What’s that saying? “One man’s (or woman’s) trash is another man’s (or woman’s)  treasure.” Remember, stuff that you may not want, someone else may have been searching their whole lives for! You never know what you could sell OR buy at this awesome yard sale!!!

When is this fabulous event??? Saturday, May 1st 10 am – 2 pm
Where is this fabulous event??? South Campus Softball Field

And if you end up having stuff left over, they’ll take it off your hands for you!

If you want a table to sell stuff at the yard sale, go to the following site to sign-up: or stop by McGauvran Room 220.
Advanced registration is required, and payment for table is due at event.
$5 student table price, $10 faculty/staff table price, $20 public table price

Admission to the yard sale is FREE, some come down and see what you can snag!!!


Start Registering!!!!

Hey You,

I see you readin’ my blog all interested and stuff…I know what’s goin’ on…I’m onto you…

Sorry I know that that was creepy but I have to get your attention somehow and what better way to do than by being as creepy as possible!  Still reading?!?!?!…Good!

I hope you all had a great long weekend even though it rained..the whole time..but that’s OK we have a nice week ahead of us.  Now here is something I know you all are either going to be ecstatic about or terrified of…

There are only 4 weeks left of this semester!!  Reason to be ecstatic…ONLY A MONTH LEFT AND ONLY ONE OF THOSE WEEKS IS A FULL WEEK!!!!  Reason to be terrified…FINALS!!  

Remember to utilize your resources.  If you need help studying for your finals make sure to use the tutoring services!!  They can work wonders there at the Centers For Learning!  Also, now is the time most students can start registering.  If your enrollment appointment has not already happened, it will be very soon so be ready.  Make use of the shopping cart feature in your ISIS.  You can make your schedule and pick your classes by putting them into your shopping cart.  Then, when it come time to enroll all you have to do is click “enroll” and your done!  Saves buttloads of time searching for the right class while they fill up.

Now for the fun stuff…

Tonight there is an Open mic night at the Fox Common on East Campus.  The event starts at 9PM and will be featuring a number of different musicians from around campus doing their own songs.  So come and enjoy some good music and get a bite to eat at Mahoney’s!

Come out to the Fresh Friday’s Party on…you guessed it..Friday!  The event is put on by Student Activities and starts at 10PM.  Go ahead…let loose…get down with your bad self!

MOVIES ROCK…sorry, no movies shown this weekend…BUT…On Saturday head to the Fox Common to watch the Red Sox play the Orioles on the big screen!  The event starts at 7PM and there will be free hot dogs and soda…just like at the real games…but fo free!!

Alright I’m Done,

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“The Clothesline Project”

The Clothesline Project chapter at UML will be hosting their annual event today on the South campus Quad starting at 11am. This project addresses the issue of violence against women. Women affected by violence are able to express their emotions by decorating a shirt. The shirt is then hung on a clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony to the problem of violence against women. The action of hanging up shirts on a clothesline serves many purposes. It is educational for those who come to view the Clothesline. It is also a healing tool for anyone who makes a shirt,  hanging the shirt on the line can help someone turn their back on some of the pain of the experience and walk away. Finally, it allows those who are still suffering in silence to know that they are not alone.
In addition, there is also a candlelight vigil on the South campus Quad at 730pm. The vigil is in recognition of victims and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. 
For more information, visit the following sites.!/event.php?eid=114925825200620         (vigil)!/event.php?eid=113661085311038&ref=mf    (Clothesline)

I hope you all have a fabulous day!


Time for a change?

Hey Students!
I hope you guys are taking advantage of the nice weather we have been having lately, especially since it’s supposed to rain all weekend!  But you know what they say! April Showers bring May Flowers. :]

Anyways trying to adjust to this weather can be difficult, so always make sure you check the weather before you step out the door to go to class!  Especially with the semester ending within a month, it’s a great class to pack small things that you won’t be ending up using anymore and send them home, so its less of a hassle when you officially move out.  This includes winter jackets, all the bundles of sweatshirts you have and etc!

Anywayssss, everyone has been buzzing lately about advising and enrolling into classes!  If you are interested in changing your major, or adding a major/minor, right now would be a great time to start taking action!  First you would have to speak with your advisor to get any feedback and so they can help you with your decision.  They would also help you on what classes to take first and then what to do from there.  Next step, is to take action on your own!

If you want to add on a minor, the first step you would have to take is to go onto the homepage and find the minor you are interested in taking.  To do so, you would click on the colleges/departments on the left side tab on the home page and find it from there.  From there, you would find the minor you are interested in taking and find out the courses you have to take in order to be able to declare the minor.  After taking those classes, you would go to the registar’s office and fill out a form to be able to declare into the major.

Usually what people do is declare minors that relate to their major.  A lot of criminal justice majors minor in psychology, and lots of health majors minor in nutrition because a lot of the requirements for their minor, also have to be taken for their own major.  Might as well knock two birds with one stone while you have the chance!  Or if you happen to be a music major but are really interested in business, then you can make it happen, you just got to take action!!

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day and make sure you attend the beat the system event tonight on Cumnock at 8PM on north campus!


Happy Wednesday everybody! I hope you are all enjoying so far! Just dropping by to give all of you a few tips for the rest of the week. Remember tonight at 8pm in Cumnock Hall is the Beat the System event. There will be lots of cool things happening, and you will be eligible to enter a raffle to receive one of the first 20 allocation numbers. AKA you will get to choose where you want to live before everybody else. 
If you’re looking for something to do to pass the time before the BIG event, go to Brew’d Awakening with a friend and get 20% off of your purchase. this is a great way to enjoy the day. Just sit back, grab a coffee and embrace your mini vacation.
Finally I would like to wish that those doing the OAP 2-day backpacking trip down the Appalachian Trail have a safe and excellent time. Also don’t forget that the following weekend OAP is sponsoring the skydiving trip in Orange, MA. It’s gonna be great!!
With that I will catch all of ya later!


Hey all,
          Ashley here. As you (hopefully) know by now, the advising period for next semester has just started up. If you haven’t figured out an advising time, contact your advisor. You can find out who your advisor is by simply logging into your ISIS account and on the right hand side, there is a blue box that says “Advisor” and then it’ll have your advisor’s name right under it. If you don’t know how to contact them, click “Details” and you can e-mail them right from your ISIS account.
         Based on credits, there are certain days that you can start registering for classes. To find this date, again log into ISIS and look on the right hand size. There will be a blue box that says “Enrollment Dates” with your “Enrollment Appointment” listed. This date is when you can log into ISIS and register for Fall 2010 classes.

Make sure you see your advisor and sign up for your classes as soon as you can so you don’t miss the classes you need to take!!!
Ashley’s Tips for Easy Scheduling Making:
  1. I know it’s tempting to want to schedule your classes with your roommates/best friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc….but don’t base your schedule on this. It’s beneficial for you to make a schedule that’s geared towards your academic career, not your social life. It’s also a great opportunity for you to make new friends! You can connect with other students easier if your flying solo. Remember, class time is YOU time. YOU are here to get an education that will help better your future! You won’t get to do that if your chatting with your friends the whole class.
  2.  Check out the registrar’s website prior to your Enrollment appointment. is the website to go to! If you click the Fall 2010 Class Schedule you can see the classes available well before you have to register.
  3. When you’re looking at the Fall 2010 Class Schedule, write down (copy & paste works, too)  the classes you are interested in taking or need to take. (This is why meeting with your advisor is a good idea. They can help guide you in the direction!) While you write down these, WRITE DOWN THE CLASS NUMBER!!!! These numbers make it SUPER EASY to sign up for classes!!!
  4. On the morning of your enrollment appointment, GET UP EARLY!!!! I mean, around 8 or 9 am, something reasonable. I know it’s amazing to sleep in, but remember “The early bird catches the worm.” This saying is totally applicable here!! Classes fill up quickly!!! If you stay ahead of the game, you can grab the classes you need and not worry about permission numbers!
  5. Another tip – ALWAYS use SWAP classes. Don’t drop a class if you want to add a different one in it’s place, SWAP it so if you don’t get into the new one, you still have the old one as a back up! 

    So there are my awesome scheduling making tips!!! If you follow these tips, scheduling making should be a breeze!!!