Shayna’s No-Fail Study Technique

Hey guys! Shay here.

Just like the rest of you, I bet you’re cramming to get all that studying done for finals this Friday, and the remainder of next week. I feel you.
I’m currently taking an Art History course that requires me to memorize up to 60-100 pieces of artwork per test. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of memorization to do! I wanted to share the technique I use to help me memorize information, because it literally works so quickly, and is very effective! This works very well with flashcards, and can be used for any subject. 🙂

Now, we begin:
Start by dividing your flashcards into similar groups. For me, I would divide up my flashcards based on art style (Impressionist, Neoclassicism, Realism, ect).

Then, review one stack of similar cards. As you look at each card, recite the information you’re trying to memorize on the other side 6-10 times out loud (very important), while looking at the picture/formula/ect on the front. It’s very important to say the information out loud, because that way, you are visualizing the information, as well as creating a link in your head between the two.

After you have gone through the one little stack, review it entirely twice. Then, repeat with the second one. Once you finish the second one, review that one entire twice, and then mix it with the first. Review the stack entirely. Then, divide your stacks back out into similar groups after you have reviewed, and keep repeating with your subsequent stacks. That way, you are both reviewing the information in small groups, and then refreshing it in your mind as you go through the entire group of information that you need to memorize.
I was doing this last night, and I memorized over 40 flashcards in just under an hour and a half! I’ll be finishing up the second half of my studying tonight, and using Thursday and Friday in order to refresh my memory, because I already have half of what I need to know memorized. Literally, this technique works so well, and I would highly recommend it!