So…in case you’re living under a rock somewhere and you didn’t know…CLASSES END TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As much as I love school and love my major, I really just need a BREAK!!! School work can be really overbearing sometimes, so SWEET SUMMER IS UPON US!!! 

Are you doing anything awesome this summer? Going anywhere? Meeting up with cool people? Working making bank?

Well, I am.
I’ll be here at the lovely UMass Lowell with all the other lovely OLs welcoming a new batch of freshmen and transfers to our WONDERFUL UNIVERSITY. 

A lot of people always say “Wow, Ash. You’re wasting your summer at school? That sucks.” 

And to those that say/think that….YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG.

Orientation is the reason I breathe. My first summer at Orientation was 2009, and it was the best summer I’ve ever had. I’ve made friendships that will be in my life, always. And I know a lot of people think they make their best friends in high school, or freshmen year…but I seriously have never made better friends or met better people than the ones I met and will meet at Orientation.

All of you (should) have attended a session over either the summer or the winter for Orientation. Now don’t get me wrong, THIS IS THE FUNNEST JOB IN THE WORLD….but it’s a TON of work!!! We have work days that start Mon./Thurs. and go until late afternoon Tues./Fri. If you can’t think of it…it’s like working two days in a row…nonstop. We also put in a TON of time decorating the floors of Sheehy hall for you. It may look like premade stuff, but we CREATE everything that goes on the walls during the summer…and those halls are LONG! We also create the programs at the Rec Center. We have to decide what we think will be successful over the summer. Yea, I know. It’s a ton of stuff to do, all the while making sure each student has a first positive experience with the University.

I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to all past OLs, returning OLs, and new OLs who all worked/work/will work to make past/future summers here at UML amazing!!!! You’re all awesome!!!!!!!

So get ready for the summer and don’t forget about us!!!